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Readers Respond: Safe Houseplants for Homes with Pet Birds

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From the article: 10 Bird-Safe Houseplants
Houseplants add a touch of beauty to any home's decor, but if you own pet birds, you must be careful to choose houseplants that are non-toxic and safe for your feathered friends. What are your favorite bird-safe houseplants? What are your bird's favorite? Share your answer with other readers!

Safe Plants for Birds

My canaries eat Passion Flower, Honeysuckle, Wandering Sailor, (they grow through the bars) and Lettuce and Dandilion leaves. Also their own bird seed left overs as all stages of growth included when seeded. But I'm glad I have learned that Honeysuckle is dangerous for Parrots as I was going to grow it around their Avairy for shade and food.
—Guest PaulineBro

unique treat ideas for my house sparrow

I really like the carnation and dandelion treat ideas. I will try them soon. Thank you for these ideas.
—Guest Annie's Mom, Debra


My budgie not only loves the smell he loves to nibble on it! Dandelions make a nice little treat for your pet!


dandelions are safe. my parakeet just loves them to death!
—Guest DANDY


these plants,@ least some i can grow,appreciate the info,fellow parrot enthusiast,and canaries' bonding,gypsy
—Guest gypsy ingram-stow

My parrotlets eat everything!

I caught my two little girls eating the leaves of a peace lily and also pencil cactus without harmful effects. I didn't know they took a few nibbles until I saw the telltale green stains on their beaks and noticed a lacy effect on my plants!

safe flowers

I also found out that carnations are safe. My first cockatiel just loved them. I called a vet first though just to make sure before I let him have a flower.
—Guest rhondafrommsla

Some outdoor plants can be safe

My Blue Crowned Conure really loves dandelion leaves and blossoms. I will pick them out in my yard and wash them before giving them to her. She loves to shred the flowers into a million pieces!
—Guest D. Radcliff

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