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Readers Respond: Safe Houseplants for Homes with Pet Birds

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From the article: 10 Bird-Safe Houseplants
Houseplants add a touch of beauty to any home's decor, but if you own pet birds, you must be careful to choose houseplants that are non-toxic and safe for your feathered friends. What are your favorite bird-safe houseplants? What are your bird's favorite? Share your answer with other readers!


My budgie not only loves the smell he loves to nibble on it! Dandelions make a nice little treat for your pet!


dandelions are safe. my parakeet just loves them to death!
—Guest DANDY


these plants,@ least some i can grow,appreciate the info,fellow parrot enthusiast,and canaries' bonding,gypsy
—Guest gypsy ingram-stow

My parrotlets eat everything!

I caught my two little girls eating the leaves of a peace lily and also pencil cactus without harmful effects. I didn't know they took a few nibbles until I saw the telltale green stains on their beaks and noticed a lacy effect on my plants!

safe flowers

I also found out that carnations are safe. My first cockatiel just loved them. I called a vet first though just to make sure before I let him have a flower.
—Guest rhondafrommsla

Some outdoor plants can be safe

My Blue Crowned Conure really loves dandelion leaves and blossoms. I will pick them out in my yard and wash them before giving them to her. She loves to shred the flowers into a million pieces!
—Guest D. Radcliff
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