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Cook Up Some Homemade Bird Treats!

Like people, parrots do best when they eat a variety of fresh foods each day. What better way to provide this for your pet than to whip up some tasty treats at home? Read on to learn about safe foods and great treat recipes that your bird will love!

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Pet Birds

Simple Bird Tricks

Friday December 27, 2013

Teaching your bird how to do some tricks is not only good for your pet's mental health and social needs, but it can also be a lot of fun!

Dive into the world of bird training by trying out some of these Simple Bird Tricks with your own feathered friend. You might just find that your bird is a world-class performer and you never knew it before!

Favorite Bird Treat Recipes

Friday December 27, 2013

If the holidays have left you feeling like you've run out of things to whip up in the kitchen, then jump back in there and try making some great homemade bird treats for your feathered friend!

This collection of Favorite Bird Treat Recipes includes both sweet and savory options that will leave your birds begging for more -- plus, they use fresh, nutritious ingredients that are really good for your pet! Try one of these fun and easy dishes for your pet today.

How to Make Your Bird More Friendly

Friday December 27, 2013

Is your feathered friend having behavior problems? Behavior issues affect many pet birds during their lifetime, so if your bird is having problems, you are certainly not alone.

The good news is that many bird behavior issues are easily remedied with a little action on the part of the owner. If you'd like your bird to be a little more sociable toward you, then don't miss the tips in this article on How to Make Your Bird More Friendly. You'll be surprised at how just a little effort can make a big difference in the relationship you have with your pet.

Different Kinds of Large Birds

Friday December 27, 2013

Large birds are a lot of things, but most of all, they are fascinating to those who love birds. Think about the first time you ever saw a large parrot -- pretty breathtaking, no?

Learn some more about some of the bird kingdom's biggest beauties in this article on Different Kinds of Large Birds. It will give you a brief overview of exactly what these impressive species are capable of.

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