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Readers Respond: Do You Clip Your Bird's Wings?

Responses: 83


Clipping = Laziness

LAZY LAZY LAZY!! OR STUPID! "I let my bird fly away b'cuz I opened the door".... THATS YOUR FAULT!! P.S.. Birds dont "fly into walls". Birds are smarter than apparently all of you sheep are. None of you have business even owning birds in my opinion anyway. I hope aliens come down and take you all as pets throw you in a cage but first cripple you because they dont want to be bothered with all of your walking....and also because someone (@Clipping Wings) told them that "'when a human walks "their attitude changes and they are much less friendly and cooperative. They think that they are dominant over you....not a good thing." Remember when it used to be popular to declaw cats so they wouldn't scratch the furniture? ...I'm gonna go throw up now then let my bird fly around my room free and safe and supervised!!!!

For Safety Reasons

I used to go unclipped with Elly, my dusky conure. She never was outside, fans off, stove, off. She normally fluttered from person to person. One day she landed in a plate of chicken grease that was in line to be washed (it was cold). Of all places to land! She had icky feathers for awhile, but the point is to give them less of a chance for any random badness to happen to them. They also have a huge chip on their shoulders like a spoiled teen. I hate depriving them of flight, but when we decide to take them into our homes, that's just what needs to be done for there safety. Then you just have to let them be spoiled in other ways. XD God knows mine are.
—Guest Birdy Lady

its a bird people

my sun conure has its wings unclipped so it can do what its meant to do; fly. inside the house of course
—Guest td

Wing clipping

Yes I clip wings I take my birds outdoors and they have to be clipped for this. If a bird flies away out doors it will get so freightened that it will be almost impossible to ever catch.

clipping birds flight feathers

i am a 12 year old and i have a cockatiel that lives inside its cage in my backyard, but under some shade and i clipped his wings in my local pet store for about $5.00 and put a lock in his cage incase a cat comes by and tries to eat him, the cat wont be able to open his cage and get to him... because if it didnt have a lock his only escape would be flying away and well now his wings are clipped and cant fly. i also clipped his wings because he had gotten lost one time when he flew out of his cage and fortunately we found him perched on the braches of a tree. so i would recomened triming his flight feathers if you dont want to lose your feathery friend!
—Guest annie

Never clipped wings

I have had a green-cheeked conure; she is 15 years old and has never had her wings clipped. She has her own room, we leave the cage open and keep the door to the room closed at night and when we're not around to supervise. Visitors scare her so we keep her door shut during those times too. During the day she likes to fly back and forth across the hall and perch on the bathroom and bedroom doors--the only problem we've run into is the "poop" which we just clean up. We have 3 cats and a dog; they have never bothered the bird or vice versa. She has never tried to fly outside. We have never considered clipping her wings; she is very tame and not "bitey" like many conures. She hand-feeds and everything. Maybe we just got lucky but we have never had any problems.
—Guest Patti


I have a rather exotic bird as a pet, a diamond dove. Her beak isn't hooked like parrots, cockatiels, parakeets, etc. She doesn't play with toys and if her wings were clipped, she would only be able to just... sit there, unable to move even from perch to perch. All free flight time is under my supervision and only takes place in one bedroom. I've managed to successfully avoid any accidents thus far and hope it continues this way. I love my little dove. She's so sweet. Birds are just magnificent pets.
—Guest Tracy

Wing cliping

I grew up in a semirural enviroment and my parents had some birds growing at home.we had a couple of hens that were our pets and my grandma used to cut herself their flights ,I saw her do this a couple of times and lern myself to do it.Later in life I went to collage and made my studies in agriculture specialized in animal husbandry,what my grandma did was ecxacly what we learned in clases.

Safe to Clip

I am 13 years old , however my parents are thinking of buying me a cute little bird for my birthday - if it was up to me id rather clipp my bird because it wouldnt be harder catching it when its owt of its cage , plus it would probabally have less chances of having majour acsidents. i hope the cost isnt to much . there-fore if my bird does feal un-confident then his/her wings will always have time to grow bake again which is good ! but i will make sure its always clipped { i usd to have a bird when i was alot younger a suprise presant from my dad unfortunatly it was more attached to my brother therefore we all loved it the same . one day my mum must hve thought to herself that it is very crewl of keeping an pet loked up in its cage so when i was bake from school it wasnt in the house my mum had let it out threw the window to its own freedome -i was in teers ******* now now realize thay must be clipped
—Guest Z.A

Undecided to clip or not too

I have a 3 yr old senegal his wings are not clipped and to my knowledge have never been, he flies around the livingroom into the kitchen fine with no issues so far, however I have noticed he has a bit of an attitude but that could be the type of bird...I am afraid of him flying out the door one of the times the kids open and close the door but wonder if it hurts them and with him never having it done will he more likely to hurt himself if I have them done, my green cheek I got from a pet store were they only clipped one of his flight wings so he sort of flies but more like a graceful fall....I need to find a vet close to me who does this type of thing for him for sure being he has already been done and is not use to flying.....I am located in Peterborough area of Ontario...
—Guest Stacey

Trimming wings

If you don't have your bird's wings trimmed because the vet did it wrong or hurt them.......answer....you need to go to a vet with bird knowledge. Also, when my birds can fly, their attitude changes and they are much less friendly and cooperative. They think that they are dominant over you....not a good thing.


I hate the idea of clipping a bird's wings, however, I recently lost my beloved and tame 'tiel when I opened my door while her cage door was open. She had been sitting quietly in the cage and I forgot she was loose. I followed her for a while but lost her in the trees and couldn't find her after days of searching. I plan to clip my new parrotlet's wings at least until he or she is trained to remain with me and until I can find a properly-sized harness. I will not render the bird fully flightless like a family friend did to my brother's 'tiel. We're waiting for the feathers to grow back on that poor guy because he is miserable and the wings weren't clipped properly. He just nose dives when he tries to fly and we're afraid he's going to hurt himself. Please, if you're going to get your bird's wings clipped, find someone who KNOWS how to do it, not someone who just says they do!
—Guest Jerrica

no flying for my birds

I have all my birds' wings clipped by my vet because I dont' want them to fly into walls or any other object that could hurt them. I never take my birds outside unless they are going to the vet but if somewhat they got out I wouldn' have to worry about catching them because I can walk faster than they can. Besides, my birds would rather be carried that fly anytime.
—Guest jmk513

Yes, I do clip my bird's flight feathers

There's too much potential around the house for a full-flighted bird to get into trouble and, besides, my bird always tends to develop sort of an "attitude" when he's full-flighted.
—Guest m.

It depends

My parakeets are very skilled flyers and generally don't like to come out of their large cage, anyway, so they are no longer clipped. My parrotlet, however, is clipped. She is very clumsy as well as very tiny and fragile. I think using the "it's unnatural" argument doesn't hold much weight when you consider that keeping birds as tame pets is about as "unnatural" as it gets, too. I'm sure all of my birds would be happier in the (safe) wild, but I adopted them all from humane rescues and can't send them back to Australia and South America to where they are indigenous.
—Guest Bobbie

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