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Recipes for homemade bird treats are important -- we know that fresh foods are good for parrots and other pet birds, homemade treats are economical, and birds love them! Homemade bird treat recipes can also be a lot of fun to make, so why not share your kitchen secrets with other bird lovers? Submit your favorite bird treat recipe here and then take a look at what other readers are whipping up for their birds in their own kitchens. You may stumble across a new dish that your bird will love!

Peanut butter treats

I take the leftover crumbs from LaFabere's pellet food and mix them with peanut butter that has been refrigerated. The cold peanut butter isn't as sticky and it's easier to roll them into balls. Add in some seeds if you want.

birdie bread

I take Jiffy corn muffin mix, add fresh frozen vegetables(raw) and berries and whatever else is around the house that was on sale and cook for about 1/2 hour at 400 degrees in a 9x13x2 glass pyrex and that is it. i cut it into1" pieces and he(Mr.Magoo bluefronted amazon) gets 2 pcs a day plus pellets plus sometimes seeds and if i eat dinner always some of my dinner except for certain foods (10 no no's)


my budgies love to eat cooked couscous with dill and millet!I don't know if it's good for them but it's their favorite food!:)
—Guest Sara

Little Mixup

When I want to treat my bird a budgie I have a very quick recipe that almost everyone has the ingredients in their home. All you need is some Honey Sticks with spinach, celery and parsley for the greens I just get this in the bird section at Coles Oats just some oats for extra nutrition as seeds and oats are very good for birds about 2 spoonfuls of this or however much you want to make Peanut Butter to hold it together again I put 2 spoonfuls and some extra honey I just get a knife and get the honey stick off the stick into a bowel and put everything else in and mix it with my hands as if I making tiny cookies.
—Guest Emily


Wooden skewers are good to make fruit skewers. I also thread Cheerios onto uncooked spaghetti for a crunchy toy treat.

Birdie Fav

Hot dogs are bad for birds due to ingredients in them.
—Guest Linda

Popcorn for Lily

My cockatiel Lily loves popcorn to death while my african grey congo loves tacos stuffed with pasta! You can get creative too. What I do is put some of my bird's favorite foods together and they will love it! You can try this too if your bird is picky about its meals! HOPE THIS HELPED! see u! :D


My bird loves peanut butter and corn too! If I give her corn dipped in peanut butter u dont now how fast she liks it up.
—Guest lu lu5617

How To Make "Veggie Tacos"

One of the treats my cockatiel loves is "veggie tacos". You just take a taco shell, stuff it with veggies and fruits your bird likes and pour some pasta on (or maybe something else if your bird does not like pasta). You can also add corn flakes, cereal, and bread crumbs. My 'tiel Jazz also loves his taco with some cookies! Just add in it what your birds like, put it in their cage and watch them chow down!
—Guest Dr.Parrot

My Parrot's Fave Treats

My amazon parrot loves a lot of things....Popcorn, cereal, fruits and veggies, bread, eggs, toast, and mixed recipes. He also LOVES carrots! If you want to know more bird treat's recipes, then email me at Albertyu@hotmail.com
—Guest Birdy Birdy

Popcorn, and lots of it!

My two year old cockatiels Daisy and DJ just love popcorn to death! Whenever I carry home a bag o' popcorn you can be sure my two birds are the first ones to get to it.... They especially love the original flavored!
—Guest CaramelSwirl


The first thing that comes to mind for my little sun conure, Chili, is cereal! He loves "froot loops" to death! But sadly I also have a teddy dog at home and they fight over the treats. PS usually Chili wins, he is a fierce pecker!
—Guest cookie

Birdie Fave

Hot dogs are not good for people with all the additives, so definitely not good for birds. Give the bird chicken, they love that.


Really? MEAT?? I would never have thought of that! Do they eat carrion in the wild, then? I'm interested now! I'm off to google . . . .
—Guest The Dalai Farmer

Quinoa and Vegetables

I use either Quinoa or Basmanti and Wild Rice, cooked. Add cooked squash, raw grated carrot, fresh raw corn cut off the cob and other veggies that your bird likes. Mix in a small amount of roasted organic unsalted almond butter. Serve warm. Both my Lovebird and Sun Conure just love this recipe.
—Guest Patricia Cooper
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