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Readers Respond: Tips for Cleaning Messy Bird Cages

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From the article: Cleaning Your Bird's Cage
I always get requests for help with cleaning dirty bird cages in my email. It's true that some messes can be a real pain to clean, and our pet birds don't seem to mind making plenty of them! Share your tried and true cage cleaning tips below and check out what other bird owners are doing to keep their own pets' cages fresh and clean. You may pick up some helpful hints that will make this necessary chore much easier to handle.

cleaning the cage

I use a small taping knife to scrape poop then spray warm water and let stand wet until I take all the paper out of bottom wipe everything down and re-paper. Dishes get cleaned twice a day except for seed dish. I have a blue fronted amazon that was rescued.
—Guest Pat

How I clean tweety's cage

Okay so I have a cockatiel called tweety. I am responsible for cleaning out his cage. All that I do is put two or three pieces of newspaper in the bottom tray of his cage and about once every week I change the newspaper. Though sometimes he can be really messy so I put him in his spare cage and take his messy cage outside get everything out of it and hose it down and if necessary I will scrub it with a scrubbing brush.
—Guest Amandr

Killing Me!

I wish some folks would state what they use for cleaning, stay on topic..I have a double flight cage that can only be cleaned with birds inside and man! it needs a good cleaning...I change the papers 2-3 times a day because I feed them spouts in the AM, then their other foods such as Veggies, Rice etc which gets caught in so many places..I also use a paint brush to remove any loose foods, feathers, seeds etc, but still need something good and safe to remove poop.. Help Me Please! Anthony
—Guest Anthony

easy cleaning

I have a parakeet named Danny and I clean his cage about 2 X a week, with vinegar and warm water. I change the paper in bottom of cage every other day. I use the ads that come in the mail and lay a paper towel down on top of them. Easy!
—Guest Linda

U could use the hose....

what i like to do to clean my cockatiel's cage is using the hose in the yard and SPRAYING IT. it is SO easy and fast! >< ^
—Guest LittleOwl

I've no idea how to clean my birds cage

Got a four year old B&G macaw.Have no idea how to clean its messy cage.Thank you for anyone who has tips for me.From guest parrot partner! :)
—Guest parrot partner

HELP ME!!!!!!!!

My yellow crested cockatoo she is very messy in her cage so I usually leave her outside but if anyone has tips for me thank you(PS her cage is TREMENDOUSLY MESSY) please leave it here on this webpage. And thanks again.
—Guest otter girl

Easy just do it like this

First word: S-P-R-A-Y I-T! Second word: C-H-A-N-G-E I-T! Third word: D-R-Y I-T! And of course last but not least: P-U-T T-H-E B-I-R-D-S B-A-C-K I-N!
—Guest iCindy6534

My amazon parrot loves water!!!

whenever I try to clean it's cage my amazon he is called pepper he loves water.I clean his cage in the shower area and he just jumps right in.I can't clean his cage anymore he is too disturbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!but whatever he doesn't use it anymore so yeah....
—Guest Bark it

use a HUGE sponge

it's easy I use my car-cleaning sponge. to clean my bird's cage.don't worry the sponge is very clean itself.
—Guest tweeter

Cage Cleaning Tips

What I like to do is to use my shower hose and spray the cage until it is totally clean. First get the birds out of the cage of course! Then when it is dry I change the water and food, and then put my birds back inside! It's easy! :)
—Guest October365

garden hose-ON!

It's easy. Just take your hose and SPRAY THE CAGE! And it'll be good as new!
—Guest tipter

Parrotlets are great cleaners!

I have two p'lets they are great cleaners themselves...so soft and I think they think its relaxing too!
—Guest SPRAY IT!


Simply use a water hose and spray the cage! No hose? Use your shower area!
—Guest eggshell


very good information. when you put the cage otuside and wash with hose, where is the bird
—Guest Alexis Johnson
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