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Readers Respond: Do You Cover Your Bird's Cage at Night?

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Many bird owners insist that a parrot's cage should be covered at night to help them sleep more soundly and feel more secure, but there are just as many who claim that their birds are doing fine without using cage covers at bedtime. Do you cover your bird's cage? Check out some of the responses from other bird owners below and contribute your own opinion!

should i cover there cage?

it was funny when i read the first line of the top story because i have 2 green cheek conures and i just got them and there baby's. so the right thing some people said was to cover the cage up to play it safe.
—Guest marleena77

I cover my cage

I cover my parakeet Rio's cage every night because if i don't he will carry on at me. This i think is a good routine for my parakeet because it makes him happy and makes me happy to.
—Guest alex8902

If You Own a Macaw, DON'T

I'm serious. I've had experience with my two B&G macaws, my military macaw and my green winged macaw. The green winged macaw takes it better but my other three birds just thrash in the cage, bite at the blanket and nip at it if I try to cover them.
—Guest BirdPower

Owner of 4 finches

I have four finches, 2 society finches, 1 zebra finch and 1 gouldian finch. They go to sleep very early at night and to ensure they have a good night's sleep I do cover their cage in case they get sacred and to cover noises. Birds like budgies, finches or canaries should be covered because they are fairly smaller and can be afraid more easily.
—Guest Emily

scared of dark budgie

I got a blue budgie and i have to cover him.he is scared of the dark.
—Guest Budgiefudgy

My Parrot Won't Like It

My yellow headed amazon parrot wakes up real early in the morning and goes to sleep real late, so no one in our family really bothers to cover his cage and besides he likes it uncovered.We did TRY to cover him, ONCE but he just nips at it so no use.
—Guest Amazonparrot25

Canary family

I have inherited a canary family and they don't like the blanket over them . they also have quirky personality and are quite friendly with sharing with the mouse who I have been trying to kill so getting glue traps as bird seed is expensive


I have 2 conures, 1 still In Training. The more advanced will sit in his cage saying "going to bed?" until I cover them up. If they hear I am still up I get "going to bed?" until I actually go to bed and then they settle. If he is out of cage saying same, and you don't put him In and cover him up he gets annoyed
—Guest Chris

Budgies get scared

I have two budgies and I do cover them at night because if I don't they will get scared.
—Guest Of Course22217

My Parrot Won't Like It

Got a amazon parrot, never cover it, he won't like it, he will just nip at it.
—Guest Amazonparrot25

i bought a bird

I just bought Quaker parot today, and of course he just bit the cap out of me. Should i cover him at night?
—Guest Teresa

not at all

my sun conure hates being covered.he just yells loudly and starts nipping the cloth if i do cover him so dont
—Guest twinkle twinkle


i have 2 cockatiels, covering them is the best decision I ever made, it calm them down and signal "time to rest" for them and they do not make so much noise in the morning.
—Guest SUE

Depends On Bird Species

Like I said, it really depends on the species of birds you are owning. If it is a smaller bird such as a budgie or a lovebird, they can get scared by the dark easily and it is best to cover their cage at night. But on the other hand, larger parrots and macaws don't usually like their cage covered, as if you do, they would just probably pull it off, so it depends on the birds personality and/or species.


i do sometimes when i'm with her in the same room cause i make some nosies and that keeps her from closing her eyes
—Guest fifi

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