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Readers Respond: Do You Cover Your Bird's Cage at Night?

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Many bird owners insist that a parrot's cage should be covered at night to help them sleep more soundly and feel more secure, but there are just as many who claim that their birds are doing fine without using cage covers at bedtime. Do you cover your bird's cage? Check out some of the responses from other bird owners below and contribute your own opinion!


I am 13 and whenever I don't cover my cockatiels they start screaming and it gets annoying it also keeps them warm and cosy so they wouldn't feel scared and cold. Also they live in a cage in my room and I would be doing work late at night and covering them prevents light and doesn't disturb them.
—Guest Jan Michael


Unless you live in a very warm, tropical climate, I can not imagine these birds surviving outside. Please tell us all that you educated yourself on the proper enviornment your birds require before removing them from being "neglected." Leaving them exposed to improper elements make you guilty of neglect.
—Guest Fifi


My budgies dont care whether they are covered or not, still i cover since my room is cold and its winters here. Although in both cases, they dont get proper sleep at night, they like eatiing every 2 hours. So even in nite, they sleep for an hour or 2 and then jump to their food and have it.
—Guest Ankita


my bird sleeps fine without it on.He's a rainbow lorakeet and he goes to sleep with a cover or not
—Guest eragon

I definitely cover my bird at night!

As a general rule, I do cover my 2.5 y/o Congo African Grey, Aziza at night. I've always covered my pet birds at night, because I think it's important for then to get adequate amounts of sleep (10-12 hours a night) in a darkened cage. When I cover her cage, Aziza goes to sleep on top of her rumaging box, which is such a riot. She's great to have around the house! I love her.
—Guest mplo


I use to cover my cage, but that seemed to scare them so i stopped, when it gets dark, the go on their highest perch for night night time
—Guest Brenda

cover the cage

i do cover my lovebird and parakeets because my room is the coldest in the house. they sleep when i sleep. before i leave for school i uncover them and turn the radio on. they seem to like me doing so.
—Guest Mandy

Cover the cage

well i just recieved a lovebird and her name is Coco and i am just trying it out and learning things with her, but i did all ways cover the canaries cage.
—Guest Janice Workman

Cover the cage

well i just recieved a lovebird and her name is Coco and i am just trying it out and learning things with her, but i did all ways cover the canaries cage.
—Guest Janice Workman


I dont cover my parakeet at night.he doesnt like it.if i put the cover on, he screeches till i take it off.lol. :P
—Guest ~Sky the Parakeet~ (jenna)

cockatiel hates the dark

my daughters cockatiel hates being covered at night. Hates when dark she turns the light out and he squalks and squalks until she turns on the closet light then he settles. what should she do.
—Guest R Grunden

Yes i cover the cage.

Yes i cover it. And it doesn't bother them ... I have 2 parakeets. And i just bought 2 more so . now i have 4. Hope they get along.
—Guest Miguel c.


Any tips on keeping lovebirds would be very helpful as i am new to this,have read as much as i could before starting out,much better from people that have birds and know what there talking about.Help Please any tips you have,would be very greatfull.lizzie

birds at night

i am new to keeping birds,i have 5 cockatils and 3 bugies,they were neglected i need to keep them outside all the time,will that be safe ? even in winter


I cover my cockatiel every night at around 8:30. I've read that you should never cover cockatiels, but he get's grumpy if I don't. If I miss his bedtime, he likes to remind me by chirping loudly. That means it's time to draw the curtains and cover the cage.
—Guest New Bird

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