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Living With a Bird

Choosing to own a bird is choosing to share your life with him. Here you will find information that will help you enjoy every day with your pet!
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How I Named My Parrot
How did you name your pet parrot? Share your bird's story and photo and see what other pet bird owners named their birds and why!See submissions

Warm Weather Fun for Birds and Their Owners - Summer Fun for Pet Birds
How do you and your pet bird enjoy "fun in the sun?" Look here to respond and tell other bird owners about some of the fun warm weather activities you and your bird engage in. Do you take road trips with your bird? Do you relax together in the warm sun? How about sharing some bird-safe treats from the garden? Post your answers and check out how...

Living With Indian Ringneck Parakeets
Indian Ringneck Parakeets are popular pets. If you are considering adopting an Indian Ringneck Parakeet, then check here to learn what it's like to own these birds from real Ringneck owners! If you already own an Indian Ringneck Parakeet, post your experience to share with others!

What Birds Make Good Apartment Pets? - Types of Birds that Do Well in…
What birds make the best apartment pets? Look here to read responses from real bird owners who live in apartments and gain special insight from their experiences! If you are a bird owner with something to add, contribute your opinion as well!

How Do You Keep Your Parrot Warm During Winter? - Winter Heat…
Real bird owners share their methods for providing safe winter heating for their parrots and other exotic birds. Check out the most popular heating methods and learn how to safely keep your bird warm this season!

"Twitter Birds" Photo Gallery
Photo gallery of pet birds owned by Twitter users. Add your bird's photo to the gallery by tweeting it to @AboutPetBirds!

10 Bird-Safe Houseplants
Houseplants are an attractive way to brighten your home, but if you own pet birds then you will want to make sure that any plants that you bring in are safe for your feathered friends. Read on for a list of 10 common houseplants that are both beautiful and safe for parrots and other birds.

5 Cheap & Easy Ways to Save Money on Bird Care
Cutting costs to adhere to a budget? If, like most of us, you're feeling the economic squeeze, then you're probably looking for ways to save money on pet bird care and supplies. It's true that the prices of bird food, toys, veterinary care, and other necessities can be costly, but you'll be surprised at how much cash a little bit of creativity can save you. Best of all, you can provide the same h…

5 Ways to Enjoy Summer with Your Pet Bird
Most people love it when the weather gets warm, and most tropical bird species do too! Look here for some fun ways to enjoy the warm summer weather with your pet bird. Spending a little bit of extra time with your feathered friend might just make this your best summer yet.

Bird Movies
A list of fun, family friendly movies about parrots and other birds.

Bird Photography Tips
If you have parrots or other pet birds and enjoy taking pictures of them, then you won't want to skip this article on bird photography tips! Getting crisp, clear shots of a bird can be difficult -- look here for helpful hints that will have you taking beautiful pictures of your bird in no time!

Bird Species Suited to Apartment Living
If there is one thing that birds are known for besides flight, it's the sounds of their calls and songs. While a bird's call may be music to the ears of its owner, not everyone will find it to be so pleasant -- and this can mean trouble for bird owners that live in apartments or condominiums. If you live in close proximity to your neighbors, then check out this list of quieter bird species that…

Bringing Your New Bird Home
An overview of essential supplies to have on hand when you bring your new pet bird home! Learn all about "must have" bird supplies and be prepared for your feathered friend's arrival! Preparing to bring home a new bird can be an extremely exciting time for your family. Read on for tips to make sure that this homecoming goes smoothly for all involved.

Can Cats and Birds Live Together?
A short article discussing whether or not cats and birds can be kept as pets in the same home.

Common Plants That are Toxic to Birds
Most people like plants and flowers, but people that own parrots and other pet birds must be careful which types of plants they allow around their homes. Some common plants are highly toxic to birds, and these poisonous plants should be cleared away from any area that pet birds are allowed access to. Check out the list below to learn about 10 common plant varieties that are known to be poisonous …

Easy Homemade Bird Toys!
Birds need to play and have fun in order to maintain their good health and happiness. Look here for a step-by-step guide to making simple, economical, disposable, but fun bird toys that your pet will enjoy for hours! A wonderful activity to do with children!

Easy Ways to Bond With Your Bird
Taking time to bond with your bird is essential to building a long lasting and successful relationship with your pet. Birds are not domesticated and operate with a flock mentality, so forming a bond with your pet is crucial to helping him understand that you are his friend. The strength of the bond between you and your bird will greatly influence the quality of your pet's life, as well as your ow…

Finding Your Bird a New Home
Sometimes life throws us curve balls that we never quite see coming. Unfortunately for bird owners, sometimes these issues mean that we can no longer keep our pets. Sometimes people have to give up their birds for health or financial reasons, other times, the reason may be as simple as having to move to a home that doesn't allow pets. If after exhausting all ideas, you have found that you can no …

Five Cheap Bird Toys You Can Make at Home
A dilemma that many bird owners face is the problem of providing enough toys for their precocious pets. While many great bird toys can be found online and in pet shops, paying retail prices for toys can get expensive -- particularly if your bird is a heavy chewer and destroys his toys very quickly. To help cut the cost of providing playthings for your pet, check out these common household items that you can turn into cheap bird toys. It will help keep playtime fun, and practically free!

Five Products That Help Make a Bird Owner's Life Easier
A list of five convenient products that can help make cleaning up after parrots and other pet birds much easier.

Five Ways to Be a Better Bird Owner
A short article with great tips on being a better friend to your parrot or other pet bird.

Fun Bird Facts
Fun and little known facts about parrots and other birds.

How to Get Bird Poop Off of Your Clothes
If you're a bird owner, then odds are that you've been pooped on before. Funny how our feathered friends seem to always poop on us at the most inopportune times! If you find that your bird has left an embarrassing pile of droppings on your clothing, follow these tips to remove the poop quickly and easily.

Keeping Exotic Birds Warm During Winter
A helpful article with tips to help you keep your parrot or other exotic bird warm during the cold winter months.

Moving with Birds
Getting ready to move? If you are a bird owner, you have more than just boxes and furniture to worry about! Moving is stressful even for people, so it's no wonder it is stressful for birds. Because birds that are stressed are more susceptible to disease and illness, it's important to reduce your bird's stress level as much as possible during your move. To help the relocation go more smoothly for …

Popular Songs About Birds
Birds are not only wonderful companions, they have come to symbolize many things in different forms of art. From the dawn of human history, and indeed until today, references to birds have been found in virtually every art form -- from theatre, to paintings, to literature, and especially music. Here we take a look at ten popular modern songs about birds. Some are silly, some are serious, but they…

Should I Get a Second Bird?
A short discussion on the pros and cons of keeping multiple birds in the same household.

Top Parrot Themed Gift Sites on the Web
Shopping for a bird lover isn't hard -- but finding the perfect gift can often be a bit tricky. To get off to a great start, have a gander at these three great websites that sell high quality, unique, and affordable parrot themed gifts. Each one has something special to offer your feather-loving friends, and will help you make sure that your gift will be one that is admired and app…

What to Do if Your Bird Flies Away
An article on retrieving pet birds that fly away, with tips on preventing your bird from getting lost.

Why You Should Handle Your Bird Every Day
A discussion of the reasons why pet bird owners should make time each day to handle and socialize with their pets.

Finding a Good Bird Sitter
If you are unable to take your bird with you when you travel, look here for tips on finding a great pet sitter to look after your bird while you're gone.

Fun Games You Can Play with Your Bird!
A list of interactive games that owners can play with their birds! Playtime with your pet is essential for entertainment puposes and to strengthen the bond you have with your bird. Grab a toy and get ready for oodles of healthy feathered fun.

Socializing Your Bird
Hints that will help you introduce you bird to children, visitors, other birds, and different animals.

Traveling With Your Bird
Tips on hitting the road with your favorite feathered friend.

Pet Birds - Show Off Your Pet Bird
Do you own the best pet bird around? Here's your chance to show your precious pet bird off to the world! Whether you have a parrot, a canary, a parakeet, or a chicken, upload a photo of your pet and use this simple form to publish your pet's page and brag until you drop! See submissions

Funny Stories About Funny Pet Birds
If you own a bird, then you already know how funny they can be! Check out these funny birds stories from real owners for a laugh, and then share your own add it to the collection. What has your bird done lately to make you laugh out loud? Pass the fun along to your fellow bird lovers!

Do You Dress Your Bird in Costumes? - Costumes for Pet Birds - Clothing for...
Clothing for pets has boomed in recent years, and fashions for pet birds are definitely out there for those who want to try them. But how many bird owners actually do dress their birds in costume? Share you opinion and experiences here and find out what other bird owners have to say!

Holiday Plants Toxic to Pet Birds
The holiday season inspires beautiful decorations that often include a variety of plants that are known to be poisonous to pet birds. Some of these toxic holiday plants can cause severe illness and death in parrots and other birds, and should be avoided by bird owners as they deck the halls of their homes during the holiday season. Check out...

Best Christmas Gifts for Pet Birds
Bird owners love to spoil their feathered friends, so it shouldn't be a surprise to learn that many pet birds have their own gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. Not only is it a fun way to include your bird in your holiday festivities, it's a great excuse to set your bird up with some swanky new gear. But what sort of present should you...

Reasons to Avoid Giving Live Birds As Gifts
Wondering if the present of a new pet bird would be the perfect gift for the bird lover in your life? Read on for advic everyone should hear about giving pet birds as presents.

Parrot and Kids: A Good Mix?
Does your child want a pet parrot? If so, then you have a big decision to make! Start here to learn about whether or not parrots can make good pets for children. You will want to make sure that your new pet will be compatible with the whole family before bringing it home!

Can Parrots Live with Other Pets?
You want a pet parrot, but you already have a dog, cat, or other pet in your home. Would a new bird be able to get along with your existing pet? Find information that will help you make the best decision in this informative article!

Dealing With the Loss of a Pet Bird
It is hard to say goodbye to a beloved pet, even though we all know that death is inevitable for all living creatures. If you have recently experienced the loss of a pet bird, then read this article for tips on how to cope with your grief.

Top Christmas Holiday Stocking Stuffers for Pet Birds
Looking for the perfect stocking stuffers for your beloved pet bird this Christmas season? Check out this list of great holiday gifts for the pet bird in your life. These fun presents are sure to get squawks of joy on Christmas morning!

Cold Weather Bird Care
Parrots and most other pet bird species originate from places with warm, tropical climates, so it can be hard on these types of birds when they are faced with a harsh, cold, North American winter. Read on to discover the things that you should consider when caring for your pet bird during the chilly winter months.

Top Bird Species for Older Owners
Looking for a feathered companion for an older or elderly person? Don't miss this great list of the best bird species for older owners. You may be surprised how easy it can be to choose the perfect bird for your loved one!

Top 3 Hidden Household Dangers to Pet Birds
Pet bird owners spend a lot of time making sure that their pets are kept safe from accidents and injury -- but many seem to somehow overlook some of the most common hazards that can be found in their homes, right under their noses. Read on to learn about three scary hidden household dangers to pet birds, and what you can do to make sure your pet...

New Year's Resolutions for Bird Owners
The New Year is only days away, and people everywhere are trying to decide what their resolutions should be. If you're a bird owner, consider these great New Year's resolutions that will make sure that both you and your feathered friend have the best year yet!

5 Steps to Preventing Boredom in Pet Birds
Boredom in parrots and other pet birds can lead to a host of problems including destructive behaviors, increased risk of injury, and veterinary issues. Stop boredom in your bird before it starts by practicing these 5 simple steps to keeping your bird healthy and happy.

Fun Pet Bird Trivia Questions
Make learning more about your pet bird fun when you try your hand at answering these fun pet bird trivia questions! Filled with facts about parrots and other pet birds, you can test your knowledge while you discover more about your pet at the same time.

Valentine's Day Dangers to Pet Birds
It seems like every holiday presents seasonal hazards to pets, and Valentine's Day is no exception. Pet bird owners need to be especially alert around Valentine's Day so that they can prevent accidents that can be caused by the many items that can harm their feathered friends. Read on to find out the top Valentine's Day dangers to pet birds, and...

How to Prepare Your Bird for Spring
When spring arrives, often pet bird owners are the first to become aware of it. Springtime brings with it a variety of changes and challenges that bird owners must deal with, and if they are caught off guard it can be a disaster. Learn how to prepare yourself and your pet bird for spring by using the tips in this handy article.

Vacationing With Pet Birds
Thinking of taking a vacation with your pet bird? Done correctly, a road trip with your feathered friend can be a great experience for the both of you. Read on to learn how to make your vacation with your bird a success!

5 Ways to Keep Your Bird Happy
Birds are highly sensitive and intelligent creatures, so it's important to meet their complex mental and emotional needs in order to keep them healthy and happy. Learn how in this handy article that will teach you 5 easy ways to keep your pet bird happy, content, and comfortable!

As a bird owners, we can never be too prepared for any situation -- so it's...
As a bird owners, we can never be too prepared for any situation -- so it's important to make sure that you've got the tools you need to deal with whatever may arise. Check out this discussion on 5 items that every bird owner should have to learn about the things that you should add to your arsenal to keep your bird happy, healthy, and safe.

Top Mistakes that Bird Owners Make
Owning any pet is a big responsibility, but owning a pet bird is quite different than caring for a dog or cat. Our fragile feathered friends need specialized care in order to thrive, and their health and safety can suffer as a result of uninformed owners. Read on to learn about some of the most common mistakes people make when caring for their...

How to Hold a Bird Safely
Want to learn how to safely hold your pet bird the correct way? Read on to find out!

Promoting Responsible Bird Ownership
If you own a pet bird of any kind, then you are more than just his caregiver -- you're an ambassador for birds and their owners everywhere. Learn what you can do to teach others about responsible bird ownership, and help all of our feathered friends lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

Caring for Bird Bite Wounds
Parrots and other pet birds can deliver some nasty bites when they get upset. Read on to learn how to properly care for and heal a bird bite wound!

Ideas for Using Molted Bird Feathers
It's a shame to throw away all those beautiful feathers when your pet bird goes through a molt. Look here for ideas that you can use to incorporate them into fun art projects, crafts, and more!

5 Things that Pet Birds Can't Live Without
What all will you need to care for a pet bird? The answers may surprise you! Read on to learn about the 5 things that pet birds can't live without!

Before You Re-home Your Bird...
Considering giving your bird up for adoption? If so, be sure that you read the information in this article first!

Disaster Planning with Pet Birds
Do you have a plan to evacuate your pet bird with your family in the event of a natural disaster? If not, then don't miss this article on emergency disaster planning with pet birds!

Preparing Pet Birds for Winter
Parrots and other types of pet birds do best in warm climates, so how can you prepare your pet bird for dealing with winter weather? Learn about tips and tricks used by bird owners everywhere in this guide to helping your pet bird stay safe, happy, and comfortable throughout the cold winter months.

Safety Tips for Handling Parrots
Handling an exotic pet like a parrot is far different from handling domesticated pets like cats or dogs. Learn how to do it safely and correctly using the information in this article.

Top Holiday Gifts for Bird Owners
Wondering what sort of present to get for the special bird owner on your holiday shopping list? Look no further -- this handy list of gift ideas for bird owners will help get you off to a great start!

Winter Storm Preparedness for Pet Birds
Exotic bird species can be challenging to keep during cold weather, and this can become an even bigger issue when facing the threat of a winter storm. Learn how to keep your birds safe and warm in this article on preparing pet birds for blizzards and other winter weather.

Remembering Birds Who Have Passed Away
Information on grieving the loss of a pet bird and ways to remember our feathered friends who have passed away.

2013 New Year's Resolutions for Bird Owners
If you own a pet bird, get your new year off to a great start by checking out these ideas for 2013 New Year's resolutions for bird owners. You're sure to run across one or two that could improve the quality of you and your feathered friend's relationship!

How Can I Tell if My Bird is About to Poop?
If you own a pet bird, then you must also deal with the messes they make -- and this includes the unpleasant duty of cleaning up bird poop. Luckily, there are things that you can do to make the job easier, and prevent getting pooped on yourself. Check out this FAQ to find out how!

How to Upgrade Your Bird's Cage
Is your bird's home in need of some serious remodeling? If so, check out these tips for upgrading your bird's cage. You'll be surprised at how easy it can be to spruce up your bird's living quarters!

How to Find a Good Bird Sitter
Looking for a good bird sitter? Read on to learn where to find one and how you can tell if they'll do a good job of caring for your feathered friend while you're away!

Most Common Unhealthy Bird Care Habits
Wondering if there are some areas of your bird care routine that could use improvement? If so, check out this list of the most common unhealthy bird care habits to find out!

Finding Time to Play With Your Bird
Many bird owners lead busy lives, but it's important for them to still find time to interact with their pets. Read on for tips on finding ways to schedule some one on one time for you and your feathered friend!

No Unwanted Birds: The Story of a Budgie, His Owner, and Their Mission
Ever wanted to make a difference in the lives of unwanted birds? Kristin Ludwig did -- and with her special parakeet, Nubs, by her side, she is on a mission to do just that!

Keeping Exotic Birds in Colder Climates
Learn the best tips for successfully keeping exotic birds such as parrots and parakeets in colder, wintry climates and conditions.

Things You Can Do to Stop Bird Theft
Learn how you can prevent exotic bird theft and help put a stop to bird trafficking.

5 Worst Bird Care Mistakes
Bird experts spend so much time telling bird owners how to care for their pets that they often overlook telling them what they shouldn't be doing. Learn about the top 5 worst bird care mistakes in this article.

Top Weird Facts About Birds
We all know that pet birds can be interesting an intriguing, but there are many little known facts about our feathered friends that could really blow your mind! Discover some of the top weird bird facts in this article.

How to Introduce Your Bird to Your Friends
Introducing your bird to your friends isn't as simple as parading them into his or her territory. Get some tips on making sure your bird gets along with others by using the guidelines in this article.

Dangerous Bird Toys
Shopping for new toys for your pet bird is fun, but you want to make sure that you are getting safe playthings for your pet. Read on to learn how to avoid giving your bird dangerous bird toys.

The Best Gifts for Birds and the People Who Love Them
If you're going to be shopping for a special gift for a bird or bird lover that you're close to, then keep reading for some great ideas for presents that will really knock their socks off!

Top Bird Myths
There are lots of myths about birds that seem to prevail, even among those really familiar with our feathered friends. Learn the truth behind some of the most common bird myths here.

Getting Your Bird Ready for Winter
Cold weather is here! Is your bird ready? Check to see using the information in this article!

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