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Feeding Your Bird

Tips on providing your bird a nutritionally balanced diet.
  1. Bird Food Recipes (23)

Are Eggs Really Good for My Bird?
Find out if eggs really are a safe and nutritious food source for pet birds.

Can I Feed My Pet Bird "People Food"?
A discussion on feeding pet birds "human" foods and ways to incorporate fresh foods into a bird's diet.

Do Pet Birds Need Grit in Their Diets?
If you are a bird owner, then you may have heard about offering your pet grit as a dietary supplement. But what exactly is grit, and is it really necessary for your feathered friend's health? Read on for the answers to these questions and more.

Do You Feed Your Pet Bird Worms or Insects?
Wild birds eat them all the time -- but are worms and insects important to a pet bird's diet as well? Look here to read the responses of bird owner's like yourself and post your own opinion for the world to hear. Is allowing your bird to snack on crawly critters healthy or unacceptable? Post your response now!

Should I Feed My Bird Seeds or Pellets?
A discussion on whether or not it's best to feed pet birds a staple diet of seeds or pellets.

Should I Feed My Bird Worms or Insects?
Ever wondered if your pet bird should be eating worms and insects like the wild birds outside? Read on to find the answer!

Ten Toxic Foods for Bird Owners to Avoid
A quick guide to the 10 most common foods that are poisonous to your bird. Many foods can trigger severe, even fatal reactions in exotic birds. Prevent an emergency by learning what treats to avoid.

Top Ten Tasty Treats that Birds Love!
Ever wondered what foods are safe to share with your bird? Would you like to learn which ten tasty treats drive pet birds wild with delight? If so, look here for the Top Ten list of tasty treats that birds love to eat!

A Bit About Grit - Do Birds Need It?
An informative article from Winged Wisdom Bird Magazine that focuses on the pros and cons of adding grit to you bird's diet.

How to Switch Your Bird's Diet from Seeds to Pellets
Some birds can be resistant to changes in their routine. Look here for tips on converting your bird from seeds to more nutritionally balanced pellets.

The Importance of Feeding a Pelleted Diet
An avian veterinarian offers insight into the importance of making sure your pet gets adequate nutrition.

Understanding Pet Bird Nutrition
A very thorough article by the University of Florida that outlines proper feeding and nutrition guidelines for companion birds.

Zupreem Pelleted Bird Food Reviews
Read what other bird owners have to say about Zupreem pelleted bird foods and add your own review based on your experience with your own pet birds. Is Zupreem the best bird diet? Share your opinion!See submissions

Vitamin-Rich Foods for Pet Birds
Your bird's diet is just as important as your own -- make sure he or she gets the best possible nutrition by regularly incorporating the foods on this list into your parrot's diet. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to boost your bird's vitamin intake while offering more variety in your pet's diet.

Foods You Should Never Share With Your Bird
It can be fun to share a snack with your pet bird, but it's important to remember that not all "human" foods are safe for our feathered friends. Check out this article to learn about a few tasty treats that you should never share with your bird under any circumstances.

Homemade Bird Diet Options
Looking for economical ways that you can spruce up your bird's diet and boost his vitamin intake at home? If so, then check out these handy tips for different types of homemade pet bird diets that pack a big nutritional punch!

Are there certain foods that can make my bird fat?
Worried that your bird is gaining too much weight? If you think your bird could use a diet, then you won't want to miss this informative FAQ on foods that can make your pet bird fat! Read on to discover what foods you should avoid giving your bird, lower calorie foods to try, and more!

Foods That Can Build Your Bird's Immune System
Want to save money on your pet bird's vet bills? Check out this list of foods that can build your bird's immune system naturally and economically!

Top Healthy Bird Treats
Check out this handy list to find out about some of the healthiest options to treat your pet birds with. Delicious and packed with nutrition, these selections are sure to be a hit with your feathered friend.

Strange Foods that Birds Love
Some birds have a taste for really strange foods -- things that you wouldn't normally expect a bird to enjoy. Nonetheless, many times these foods are good for them and can enhance the nutrition in their diets. Learn about some of the strange foods birds love in this article!

Safe Vegetables for Pet Birds
You've probably heard that fresh foods are good for your pet bird, but what types of vegetables are safe to feed your feathered friend? Find out in this article on vegetables safe for pet birds!

Safe Fruits for Birds
Wondering what types of fruits are safe for you to feed your pet bird? Discover the types in this handy list of safe fruits for birds!

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