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Quiet Pet Bird Species


Many people love to watch and interact with birds, but not all of them enjoy the array of noises that some species can produce! If you are thinking of adopting a bird, but would prefer that he or she share your love of peace and quiet, then consider some of the less vocal species listed below. While no pet bird is going to be completely silent, these species generally prefer to keep their voices down to an acceptable (and even pleasant) level.

1. Finches and Canaries

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These tiny birds have even tinier voices, making them great options for bird lovers that want peace and quiet. As a bonus, their small size helps keep space requirements and cleaning to a minimum.

2. Parakeets (Budgies)

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If you like the look of a parrot, then a Parakeet or Budgie may be the right bird for you! They are true members of the parrot family, as evidenced by their markings and build. They also have the ability to speak, just as their larger relatives do. The main difference, aside from size, is that Parakeets cannot physically scream at the volume of a large parrot. For this reason, they are a good choice for bird owners that would rather see and not hear their pets.

3. Parrotlets

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Though they are parrots in every sense of the word, tiny Parrotlets, like Parakeets, lack the ability to scream and screech like most other hookbills. Their soft chatter and chirps are hardly enough to disturb even the most sensitive ears.

4. Cockatiels

Patricia Lowery and Marvette Hillis
If you would like your pet to be a little larger than a Finch or Parakeet, then consider a pet Cockatiel. These beautiful birds can be quite vocal, but tend to be quieter than many other parrot species. If you don't mind a few chirps, clucks, and whistles throughout the day, then a Cockatiel may be a good option for you.

5. Senegal Parrots

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At around 10 inches in length, Senegal Parrots are medium sized birds that are known to be one of the quietest parrot species. While they do vocalize and have the ability to talk, they are far less likely to screech and scream than other medium and large sized parrots.
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