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Psychic Parrot?

By June 1, 2006

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According to researchers Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and Aimee Morgana, a 5 year old male African Grey named N'Kisi has broken unprecedented records for his ability to communicate through human speech -- as well as telepathy. The subject of The N'kisi Project, the parrot has had lessons in language for the past 4 years, and is involved in ongoing research aimed at developing his communication skills. While skeptics have been quick to discount N'Kisi's abilities as coincidence, notable scientists from around the world continue to profess their astonishment at the little bird's gift for speech and telepathic communication. Can this parrot actually read his owner's mind? Check out the photos, audio, and information on The N'kisi Project's Website and let yourself be the judge.


June 12, 2006 at 2:01 am
(1) Linda Brown says:

I was amazed at the ability and the
quality of speech this bird possesses.
I have two Amazon double-naped parrots
who I thought were intelligent. We’d
have a long way to go to match this bird!!! Linda

August 12, 2007 at 8:54 pm
(2) Gail says:

I have had a parrot for 20 years… he is well-known for predicting local earthquakes and weather-related disasters (he clings to the top of his cage and screams non-stop, and you can pretty much count on an earthquake or bad storm that day). I also have a bit of fun with his antics, and have made a BLOG for him. I DO believe in his abilities, but I also don’t mind having a chuckle about the vagaries of trying to understand his more mundane “predictions.”
I enjoy your site.
Gail Gatewood
Ohio, USA


October 9, 2009 at 12:44 am
(3) Catherine says:

I know Gail and I believe her – but not her bird, who LIES!!!

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