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Readers Respond: What It's Like to Own a Macaw

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From the article: Popular Pet Macaw Species
Do you own a pet Macaw? If so, post a comment below to let other bird lovers in on your experience. We all know that Macaws aren't for everybody, so contributing your knowledge of what it's like to live with the species could help potential Macaw owners decide if a Macaw is truly the right bird for their families. Share your thoughts now!


I've owned a B&G since she was 3&1/2 mts. She is very attached to ME! Only when someone she has previously met and ok with(when I'm not around) will she permit them any interaction; and only because she probably thinks I'm around and eventually they will take her to me). Haven't figured out how to get around this. Found my soul mate and she knows it and Hates it! Try to interact with her constantly when he is here. I understand her, he doesn't. Just got hold of his arm tonite"a good pinch". She has taken chunks out of me(but I realize she plays rough, lol.) I guess if Jessie is a game breaker then it wasn't as strong a relationship as it is between even him and his doberman "Kaiser"! Jess has the bluff on him too! Any suggestions would be great.
—Guest TangoJessie

Severe Macaw

Being owned by a Severe Macaw, I can tell you one thing, when you earn their trust you can do just about anything with them. But when they let loose with a contact/warning call it can be surprising how much volume can come out of such a small (mini) macaw!
—Guest tRKrxLkJZC


—Guest jenna

Owning a Blue Macaw

My boyfriends mother bought a B&G Macaw in 1985. He now lives with my boyfriend and I in our home with a boston terrier and a cat. Eliot is a beautiful bird who loves to please. He imitates anything you say or even do, the best he can. He loves brazil nuts, peanuts, strawberries, and grapes (he peels the flesh out and leaves the skin). We have designated our 4th floor to him and he sits on a perch throughout the day. When we get home we bring him down and he watches TV, cooks and plays with us. If you plan to own a Macaw just beware of the noise they make, and the mess!
—Guest Katie

I love my mcaw

I have a mcaw he is very lively and lovely> you definitely have to give them lots of attention. I have had him for 9 years got him when he was 11 months old I recently had to give him away but just got him back he was gone for 4 months he grieved his self and started plucking really bad so if you get one dont get rid of him cause they will stress really bad for their owner most of them have one soul mate but he loves me and my husband. he gets territorial when hes in his cage he loves to be out of it. You have to take lots of time with them he has a great vocabulary and loves to be rubbed. He likes alot of different foods vegetables, fruit and loves mashed potatoes and macaroni but your not suppose to give them cheese they cant digest it but accosionally we do cause he loves it. If you decide to get one just give them lots of attention they are wonderful birds he dances sings talks they are great
—Guest Buffy

Sierra Gold and Blue Macaw

I Love my bird. My Vet told my bird worship me. I said as long as she knows that she is loved that is all that matters. Macaws can be the best friends ever. Just bond and love. The rest just comes.
—Guest Judy

severe mccam

I adopted mine at age 3 and it has been enjoyable but a huge commitment that has caused issues in my household,with my friends and marriage. She bites most people at least once when unexpected and demands my attention at all costs. I spend quqlity time but ill admit get frustrated that she can't be more social or social without an attack on a person who just wanted to visit.
—Guest karen todd

blue and gold macaw

We just bought a b&g he is 14 months old he has never been handled seen he was a baby. He is talking but can seem to step up without biting. How do u get them out of that.
—Guest barbara wilkerson


I was very sad to hear about Mac. I worked with the bird drenetmpat for four wonderful summers in the early 90 s, and he was one of my favorites. I still have one of his molted tail feathers on display in my room! I am so glad he was able to live a happy and spoiled rotten life at Reptile Gardens for all of these years. Thanks for the tribute, Joe.
—Guest FQBAVbJXWvBrOwBwrVq

Losing Raynee

Raynee was my blue throated macaw. Yes, named Raynee and not Rainy. He was a beauty. A real dang good buddy. Well, until that one day where the people took him away, that rainy day..... Raynee could do tricks, he ate beside me, did everything with me, woke me up just in time, he was a real friend. Better than a dog. Better than any human. He was there in the sad times, not running away, comforting me. Independant, he was, but always loving. This was for you, Raynee, and i hope you well, wherever you are now. Maybe even soaring in the clouds without wings.... To the best friend I ever had, guest AskMe
—Guest AskMe

Good, Bad, Brilliant and Downright Ugly!

I write this as my cantankerous B&G took a chunk out of my ear today. Be very very sure that you want to take on a macaw. We love ours (all are rescues), but they can switch from loveable to naughty and back again in the blink of an eye! Indigo our B&G arrived one Sunday afternoon nearly 5 years ago, he had almost no feathers and an inferiority complex (it's heartbreaking how people will treat these beautiful creatures). I personally knew nothing about birds, infact I remember saying to my husband why would someone have a bird...stupid pet! How wrong was I?! Before that Sunday I don't think I'd really even seen a macaw, I certainly had no idea how to take care of one (or how much he would change my life), but my now husband had spent time with him (he belonged to an ex colleague who dumped him and left the country...nice)...six weeks later my husband was contacted, told me he would pick him up to stay "a couple of days" and me? I think I loved him on first sight.
—Guest Trippleparrot

my new macaw

i have new b&g and i think she is baby, they say give them time but i did not or i could not wait she is so sweet and i start to play with her 3rd day now she love that and me too
—Guest haytham

get it

i have a hyacinth macaw and im 13 years old i rent an apartment but for leo my bird is so quiet for a macaw he is 1 year old pretty feathers and my parents love him have no cage just a large playstand he behaves because of my grandmas strict disapline and if you want a macaw do reserch and try to convice your parents just dont annoy them
—Guest robert cooper

Rarely Do

Rarely! My macaw HATES cage covering, so I don't bother.

My New Hybrid

I got a hybrid macaw after my sun conure died. So far it's been great, much messier than a conure, for sure, but if you take the time to get to know them, they can be affectionate and loving companions.
—Guest Penguinline

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