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Readers Respond: Safe Ways to Keep Parrots Warm During Winter

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idea ti keep warm

I just moved from SoCal where my Amazon was in a sunroom and gas hot air heat. Now in NEPA and am fearful of power outages in winter. I have one of those inverters, but not sure it can handle an electric load. I picked up a case of those pocket hand warmers at the local Sam's. I figured I will try those in a pinch. Not directly on the bird or it will cook. Perhaps in a glove or other covering. That's my plan anyway...I dont think the leave toxic fumes.
—Guest parrotpal

Safe Ways to Keep Parrots Warm During Wi

I have two Quaker parrots. One is 25 years old and fragile. Jer cage is snuggled in a down blanket so no drafts can get to her. A small circulating oil heater sits below her cage and keeps her toasty warm at night. I plan to purchase a small heated perch for her for traveling. My second Quaker is also covered and warmed by a heater.

Does gas fire emit fumes?

Does a gas fireplace emit fumes if the power goes out and we want to use it to keep our cockatiel warm? 
—Guest Bird Lover

using a heating blanket

I've been using a heating blanket over my conures cage. it gets 40 degrees at night somtimes and I fear the wood stove will not keep her warma all night. Just 3 weeks ago I thought she was sick, I took her to the dr and we got antibiotics... I think she was cold. Im just wondering if anybody else thinks a electric blanket is safe?
—Guest Kim Calvert

warm bird

i keep my bird covered we had 3 bird and i cryed like a baby they all died do u no it was from teflon fumes we had new teflon panns and my boyfriend cooked in the oven and burned the food and from the burning of the bew pans it killed my birds he bought me a new bird now im caushest in the winter it gets cold we have oli heat forced air do u think it would hurt maybe to put a heating pad under the cage on low n cover them when its cold please help.
—Guest jeannie

heated blanket

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—Guest james

Go camping

I have a sun conure, and this might not work well with all birds, but my birdie sleeps in a little tent. the tents are actually meant for small types of monkeys, but my sun conure, Astro, loves his. Also makes him feel safe! :)
—Guest tweety

Heated Perch For Birds

I use K&H Thermo Perch for my BH Pionus...the perch varies the temp in diff sections enabling your bird to self regulate its temp when it wants to. Do not mess with existing perch solutions and add this in addition too so your bird can choose what it wants when it wants it. Birds feet are like humans heads in that the highest percentage of heat is lost through their feet. A heated perch is the best solution as such. And inexpensive. $30-$50 depending on size...shop around on the web and you will find a bargain.
—Guest FinGurBang

Safe ways to keep bird warm in winter

I keep my umbrella cockatoo (Capt. Johnny) warm by keeping a large down comforter over the cage. I also have a special infrared lamp I bought at the pet shop. His cage is stainless steel and 72" high so it is important that I also place a fleece throw with the comforter
—Guest Sara Green

My parrots are doing fine :)

I have a 30 year old yellow-naped Amazon and two 11 year old conures, who have always lived in the warm climates of south Florida and south Texas. This year I moved north to Pittsburgh and am experiencing my first 'real' winter! I was worried about my birdies and how they'd take the cold, but they've done marvelously in adapting. What I've done: -Keep them in a warm, draft-free room with good sunlight. I insulated the windows in that room with a kit that I bought from the hardware store. -The temperature inside is kept at 68. I do have two space heaters in the room that I plug in on particularly cold nights, but during the daylight they seem warm enough without them. -I don't cover their cages because my birds have never liked their cages covered. If your bird does though, it may be a good idea to do so. -However, all my birds were given cloth bird tents (Happy Huts) and/or cardboard boxes to crawl into. The conures LOVE the bird tent especially. -As usual, a good diet of premium pellets and a mix of fresh fruit/veggies, nuts, and other treats like pasta and rice. If they're healthy on the inside, they'll tolerate the chill better! That's about it. I just watch them and if they puff out too much I make adjustments to the heaters or move their cages a bit. :)
—Guest Kiwi_Mango


I heat up those bags that you can put on sore necks that heat up in the microwave. They have some kind of grain in them, so when they've been heated up, they get put right on top of our love bird's cage. That gets covered with blankets and a jacket, and it keeps the temp nice and cozy.
—Guest Rita

Power Outage Problems (Solved!)

I live in an area that has power outages every winter. This year it was scary because I couldn't get out to drive. I looked up some info online and found a couple of good ideas. There is a power inverter which you can get a car batter, a specific type of jumper cable and a small appliance. Read the directions, it's perfect for me to heat the bathroom while I work on the second stage of heat. take a large green garbage bag, put yard waste (leaves twigs etc...) and damp newspaper and close it up. Place the bag in a metal trash can and cover it. In a few hours (that's ok, I have my power inverter which should last up to 12 hours) you should be able to feel the can heating up from the compost action going on inside. One you can feel the heat it should be good for several hours as well. I am thinking to get two so we can stay in a bedroom instead of the bath.
—Guest J

What I do

I just put a warm big blanket over her cage and set the temp. to at least 73 75 Degress and it gets hot enough for her
—Guest Bebelover

long time bird person

After a brief look-see at the suggestions by bird fanciers on this site, I wanted point out that heat isn't the only factor to consider when attempting to keep your treasured pet warm and comfortable. Parrots have extremely sensitive sinuses and airways. Heat dries the air thus dries the birds resperatory and feathers which can lead to illness. Adding a humidifier can be a risk since they are a breeding ground for bacteria. It certainly is a double edged sword...on one hand, we don't want to freeze our birds...on the other hand, drying them out is extremely unhealthy for the birds. It has been our experience that a well acclimated parrot can withstand temps in the 40's. My advice is to only heat the air if absolutely necessary. I f your bird isn't healthy he/she probably won't be able to tolerate the adjustment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian before making drastic changes to your birds environment. Good luck.
—Guest julie

keeping my lovebirds warm enough

I live in florida. I will probably move to indiana sometime next year. I have 2 lovebirds and I'm very concern if they will be able to handle the change of weather. Here, their cage is in my living room and the temperature with a/c is about 70 -75. If I move, will I be able to keep my birds? I know for sure they cannot be outside in the cold weather, but if I have them in the living room, will they be ok even during winter? Thanks, Lina
—Guest Lina Rivera
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