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Readers Respond: Safe Ways to Keep Parrots Warm During Winter

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my darling birdies:)

i have a bird. his name is Po. Po is cute and big.He gets cold.I keep him warm.I put a warm blanket over his cage. He is warm.
—Guest nashika

keeping me birds war-m

me birds are just doing fine. I keep them safe in the sun and feed them war-m foods.
—Guest hagrid

what do i do??

hi i do not do anything fancy, i just put in the warmest room and put a blanket over the cage at night... i guess that will change soon...
—Guest jane


ok in October i am planing on getting a parakeet the only problem is i live in a basement so the windows are blocked form sunlight i live in IL so when winter rolls around i am consierd for it health and the basement is about 10 degrees colder than the rest of the house I cant have it upstairs because my of my mom please help
—Guest abby

few thing to remember

1. don't take ur bird cage in different part of house all the,, just place it in corner of the home and cover it with a cloth ( donot cover at least one side of cage) and hang a 150 watt bulb overhead ( light should not go directly in the bird's eye). 2. birds can adjust to any temp. but for this they need to be at same place , not to be taken here and there. there best way to attain body heat is by taking rest. 3. dont try to blow hot air or room heater but if you do so then there should not be change in temp from + to - or - to + of 5degree C in less than 4 hours. 4.my birds are breeding at 40F in cage of 5X5X5 with a 150watt bulb but the main thing is the plastic sheets which i have wraped all around and giving them there perfect corner place
—Guest yusuf

Heat pad

For my budgie, I just keep an electric heat pad under his cage. I've had him almost 4 years and this has always worked!
—Guest Jellybean


i have a wonderful African Grey , and when she is in her cage, she has a heated pearch, and at night she has her own pillow covered in flanel cloth and she sleeps on the corner of the bed, and never potties there, she backs up and I have a pad on the floor for her . She is very well behave never gets off her pillow , she has a stand in the bedroom but when she gets sleepy she climbs down her ladder and sweeks, I know it is her bed time
—Guest Pat Esington

Keeping parrot warm

Has anyone checked how much temperatures Barry in the tropics and Africa? I am almost certain, nights are cooler, it could be rainy, or blistering hot. I let it be cold at night for this reason and carry humidity during day.
—Guest John

how to keep your bird warm

so i have a budige and my dad is getting me another one beacuse we go out alot and my budige needs company ok anyways what you should do is put a blanket on top of the cage avoid getting a triangle cage get a square one so yeah and it would be warm too i had my budige for 1 month so yeah this meathod works fine
—Guest vanessa

Caging your amazons

Does anyone have an opinion on keeping two male yellow nape amazons in same cage
—Guest Monica

Warm with an electric light or - part 2.

continued from part 1. -is too strong. WARNING NOTE! Remember that these lights, (both kinds) can get very HOT! DO NOT touch these lights with your hands when they are on or immediately after you have switched them off, they will burn your skin! DO NOT allow the light bulb or lamp to touch the cage or anything else, leave plenty of air space between the lamp and household furnishings to avoid starting a FIRE. Note; Don’t use a light that is too powerful. Remember to leave a gap between the light and everything else. Check the cage temperature before you retire for the evening, you would want to over heat (roast) your beloved pet. Don’t locate the electrical plugs, fittings, wires and bulb where water might fall or be flicked on them and lastly, if you are going to use an electric light to heat a cage on a regular basis, you will find it easier to suspend the cage above the lamp. In the worst case scenario where there is a long power outage you may have to cuddle your pet to you.
—Guest Dan

Warm with an electric light or computer.

Hi, I have an Indian Ring-neck parrot which normally flies free during the day but at dusk it goes back into a smallish circular cage. I work as a software developer from a home office and am located in a part of the country that has a moderate climate where temperatures very rarely drop below freezing. The following works best for smallish birds in a small cage. On cool winter evenings I cover the cage with a heaver cover than I would use in the summer and if it very cold at night I leave the cage near or above a running computer which serves to warm the air. This works just fine but if you can’t do this an ordinary electric light bulb placed just below the cage will work well. A heat lamp that you might use in a bathroom for example is better if it is really cold. I have used a desk lamp under the cage which was propped up with a few bricks on a table as a short term fix when nothing else was available. You will be surprised just how warm this method is so don’t use a light -
—Guest Dan


i suggest getting one of those back pain rubber pouch you put how water or cold i would put some hot water and put on top of cage then i cover the cage keep some of the sides open for breathing and boom perfect
—Guest bird hugger

idea ti keep warm

I just moved from SoCal where my Amazon was in a sunroom and gas hot air heat. Now in NEPA and am fearful of power outages in winter. I have one of those inverters, but not sure it can handle an electric load. I picked up a case of those pocket hand warmers at the local Sam's. I figured I will try those in a pinch. Not directly on the bird or it will cook. Perhaps in a glove or other covering. That's my plan anyway...I dont think the leave toxic fumes.
—Guest parrotpal

Safe Ways to Keep Parrots Warm During Wi

I have two Quaker parrots. One is 25 years old and fragile. Jer cage is snuggled in a down blanket so no drafts can get to her. A small circulating oil heater sits below her cage and keeps her toasty warm at night. I plan to purchase a small heated perch for her for traveling. My second Quaker is also covered and warmed by a heater.
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