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Readers Respond: Best Birds for Apartment Living

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If there is one thing that birds are known for besides flight, it's the sounds of their calls and songs. While a bird's call may be music to the ears of its owner, not everyone will find it to be so pleasant -- and this can mean trouble for bird owners that live in apartments or condominiums. What types of birds truly are the best species for apartment dwellers? Share your experiences below and check out what other bird owners have to say on the subject.

Not So Cheeky

Cockatiels and budgies are definitely good choices, but if you're an apartment dweller with a hankering for something a little more exotic, the Green Cheek Conure is a pretty safe bet. Green Cheeks are the quietest of the conure species and fairly docile vocally despite their gregarious personalities. My GC will occasionally let loose a rather loud squawk, but my cockatiel's whistles are much louder, and the GC is much more likely to mimic household sounds like the microwave than to belt out in its natural voice. If they're properly socialized and given plenty of attention, you'll find the Green Cheek Conure a suitable apartment bird.
—Guest Rivets

what NOT to buy

here are a list of birds you definitely SHOULDN'T buy if you are living in and apartment. blue and gold macaw including other marge macaw types, cockatoos, african greys(they are very noisy), or amazons. CANARIES ARE GOOD< BUDGOES< PARAKEET, AND/OR FINCH.

Apartment Bird Species

Budgerigars(parakeets)are a great bird species for apartments. I have two budgies at my apartment and they barely make a sound. They are also very good starter birds. A more challenging one but still quiet and affectionate is the cockatiel. Also, lovebirds, canaries, finches, p'lets, or senegal parrots are great for apartments.

Cockatiels R Awesome!

Had two cockatiels. They were the light of my life. Very quiet though and very smart, easy to tame and train. Whenever guests came the male would wave his foot meaning hello. They were so sweet. Please RIP my Sparky and Lucy.
—Guest Sunny6712


Oh yeah sadly my budgie, the male one who's called Jinny he died. So the female died too after him. Now I bought a cockatiel he is also awesome. Cockatiels are wonderful quiet and smart birds! :) (sniff sniff_) Bye Jinny and Ribbon....
—Guest polo342

Tips About Cockatiels

cockatiels are good quiet pets my friend had 2 and they were very quiet all the time, but spunky too!
—Guest Night fury

C for Canary

Canaries are good apartment pets, they are quiet and easy to tame. They also sing beautiful songs, and is never really complained as a "bird too loud".
—Guest birdy7777


I have three parrotlets at my apartment and they are very quiet. But my sun conure is always active, chirps and squawks, so I think they are not too good pets for apartments.

Parrotlets are awesome! yeah!

i think parrotlets r good pets for apartment they r quiet but funky

Good apartment birds

As I said last time, parrotlets are not good pets for apartments. They are loud and active. PS good quiet birds may be the cockatoo. People say cockatoos are loused but I have had an umbrella cockatoo and it barely made a noise. Try a cockatoo if you want. Or maybe canaries and finches or cockatiels. They are quiet too.
—Guest Itsy

Conures r not quiet

Whoever said that conures are quiet pets is wrong. My neighbor had a sun conure and it was very loud. My neighbor had to give it away because people were complaining about the noise level, so beware. Oh, the good apartment birds might be cockatiels, senegals, p'lets are also very quiet and you can also try the dove or budgies they are good too.
—Dudu Lima

Macaws and amazons for apartments beware

Large macaws are of course not a good choice for apartments. Aside from that, cockatoos and amazons beware too. Good quiet apartment pets are ones such as budgies or finches or parrotlets. I have a conure and a caiques at home and they are very active energetic and loud so they might not be the perfect birds for apartment living.

Finches and Doves

I got two finches and six doves at my apartment and they are not loud at all, rarely makes a loud ear piercing noise. Doves are very peaceful birds and love to interact with people. Meanwhile the finch is more of a laid back bird and may never become finger tamed.

Budgies not a good choice for apartments

My friend has had three budgies and they are not that quiet like everyone says. So budgies for apartments maybe you'd like to think about it before buying one.
—Guest Rio Bird

Senegals are the best

I got a Senegal parrot at my apartment and it barely makes a sound. Senegals are great pets for apartments.
—Guest Kiko

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