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Readers Respond: Costumes for Pet Birds

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Clothing for pets has boomed in recent years, and fashions for pet birds are definitely out there for those who want to try them. But how many bird owners actually do dress their birds in costume?

Whether you have never considered dressing your bird up, have attempted it, or do so on a regular basis, I want to hear from you! Use the convenient form below to share your opinion on putting pet birds in costumes with other bird lovers from around the world.

i have tried

i have been wanting to dress my sun conure in cute costumes, but i have yet to find any, i recently got a flight suit but i want other types of clothing to put on my bird
—Guest mindi

scary halloween costume?

I want to put a costume on for our senegal Rosy, but we cant find one so small!
—Guest lulu

A Costume For Luca

I have always wanted to dress our blue and gold macaw Luca into a costume, but I'll have to make sure that she does not mind first of all. We'd give her a dragon costume 'cause we used to have a chihuahua and we had a dragon costume for her. But just make sure not to let your bird wear a costume of a cat, or else when it looks into the mirror it'd be afraid of itself! Ha ha! :D

crown for her majesty?

we lovingly call our umbrella cockatoo, HER MAJESTY! because she is definitely in charge. i would love to take her pic in a pretty crown-would buy one if i could find one.
—Guest lee

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