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Readers Respond: Do You Clip Your Bird's Wings?

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Wing clipping could be labeled one of the most controversial subjects in aviculture. There are many reasons why some bird owners choose to clip their bird's wings, and just as many reasons why some bird owners do not.

While wing clipping is generally recommended for most captive birds, the decision to trim a bird is one best left to the individual owner. What did you decide for your bird? Respond below to let other bird owners know whether or not you clip your bird's wings and why!

Clipping wings.

Hawkie3 I really don't think that spelling has anything to do with birds. There are great old trainer that unfortunately had no education and don't know even how to read and they are great trainers so... I have 2 babies (2 months old) green cheek conure and I'm really think about clipping their wings. They will bit my ear until it bleeds and eat my fingers. It's really painful, sometimes I need to scream at them because it's too painful and I can't take it. They are too confident and if I clip their wings can be that they learn those behaviour problems...
—Guest ViciousR

Clipping wings

i rescued a 9 year old female conure, she was petrified of everything, i couldnt let her out of the cage she kept flying into things so yes, i did clip her wings, and she learnt to trust me, and to controll her landings and flap about and play and while on my shoulder learnt nothing is as scary as she thought, now i let her feathers grow, she can fly as much as she likes, she controls herself not as clumpsy anymore! and i am quite happy for her to keep her wings, aslong as she isnt hurting herself and stressed i am happy :)
—Guest Darcy

Cliip Wings

BY all means I clip my cockatiel and conures. For their safety and mine I pick up the conure and wrap a towel around them, turn them upside down to reach the feathers and cover their head so they don't bite me. Then I cut the longest feathers showing-those are their flight feathers. I position the scissors at the next group of feathers on their wing and carefully cut the feathers. I will not risk a head injury for them nor will I part with them from flying out the door. Perhaps I am selfish but I took responsibility when I adopted these birds from rescue. If I were to free them now, who would feed them? The birds have lost their instincts to feed themselves. I can just imagine a bird of prey eyeing my babies for dinner. No thank you I hope to have them for the rest of my life, they bring so much joy!
—Guest Maddy

Yes clip them

I have a very well trained bird. And I got her with her wings clipped. When she grew them back she was nice for a while. Like about one month later she would not come to me or sit on my shoulder, finger ect. I did not want to clip her wings but I had to. She is sooooo much better with her wings clipped.
—Guest Amanda f

Yes, I clip.

I have a 7 year old Quaker whose wings cross and grow up in the back. She has a spinal injury and falls a lot. She has gotten her wings caught on her cage several times so I keep her flight feathers as short as possible. My other Quaker is clipped as well. She tends to fly into things and it has been very dangerous at times. They are both never left unsupervised when out of their cages.
—Guest Linz

No never

Clipping a birds wings is like trapping it's freedom I mean what was a bird meant to do? FLY!!!
—Guest Lulu


—Guest unevershould

I trim my macaw's wings

have owned a ten year old blue and gold macaw. very young but he is a escape artist! will learn how to open any lock! so i do in case it flies away and abandon me! too expensive to lose anyway!
—Guest Johny789

Bad Idea

A bird was meant to fly! If you clip it's wings then it has no freeedom! So don't.
—Guest Featherwing


I do trim my bird's wings cause what if they leave me and never come back?!
—Guest cheeko

It's a BIRD people!

it's a BIRD! it was meant to fly! how would you feel to have your limbs cut off?!
—Guest Hummingbird123

Depends On The Bird

If you have a very tame bird that already listens to your commands then you may not need to trim it's wings because you know it wouldn't leave you and clipping your bird's wings means banning it's freedom. On the other hand, if you have a new bird that is kind of scared of people then maybe it would be a good thing to clip it's wings. Like I had two cockatiels which didn't have their wings clipped. But then one of them died and we bought a new one because the old 'tiel was lonely. We trimmed the new bird's wings cause she kept escaping from her cage and flying away!
—Guest guess who

yes you should

my parakeet got into a terrible accident that I don't like to talk about because I didn't trim it's wings! I'll never forgive myself!
—Guest DANGER:(


I'm afraid they will bonk into walls! They could hurt themselves. And don't think this is funny cause PS my 'tiel is blind!
—Guest busybee

Dog Attack

I trimmed it's wings. I was taking my 'tiel out for a walk (and she was tame) and another person was taking their dog out too. But when they met, the dog tried to ATTACK my 'tiel, even if the owner tried to stop him, it was too late. I should be happy that "Shelley" was still alive, though she could never walk or fly again. So I strongly recommend you to not trim your bird's wings! Or else your bird might get in some type of danger and cannot escape!

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