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Readers Respond: What Fresh Foods Does Your Bird Like?

Responses: 22


Is your bird a fan of fruits, such as mangoes and bananas? How about spicy treats like hot peppers? Share your bird's favorite foods here with other bird owners, and see what their feathered friends are gobbling down as well!


I'm new to this, my green amazon appears to really enjoy cottage cheese, this wont do him any harm will it?

Fresh foods

My Ash, a Indian Ringneck will eat everything I give him! I gave him some frozen (the cooked) veges & he/she didn't like this prefers then fresh & raw. Likes; carrot, banana, lettue, spinach, corn, beans, peas, rice, pasta etc & is 5 months old. unsure of gender.
—Guest Steph, NZ

Popcorn for Lemon

My male cockatiel "Lemon" loves popcorn to death! He loves butter or cheddar best though.


Guess who's coming to dinner. Old Black Crow is on my sacred platter. AAH AAH AAH !!!
—Guest SekemetKali

Gotta Love Popcorn

I have two lovebirds: Mint and Berry, and they just love popcorn to death! Literally! When I shake a bag of popcorn in front of them, they just get all crazy and start jumping around and stuff... Anyway, they also love steamed corn and nuts and seeds. Also, when my lovebirds are eating the popcorn, my african grey parrot always barges in front and takes all the treats. Gotta teach Mint and Berry some moves... :P

popcorn for alvin

my cockatiel alvin just LOVES popcorn.whenever I hold a bag o' popcorn in front o' alvin,he just seems he's gonna sqwuak and jump to death.litterally! he really likes popcorn.maybe u should try it for your bird!

My Macaws Favorite Treats

I own a blue and gold macaw and her most favorite treat is (though I don't know why) "frootloops". Whenever I eat a bowl of cereal, she just hops towards me, climbs onto the table, and takes my breakfast away from me. She really likes it, and I don't think that is does any harm to her, so maybe a little cereal can cheer your bird up, as it does with Luca. Luca also likes to eat almost everything we eat, and we have to keep a close eye on her all the time. Two of my budgies like to eat flowers from the front yard, always searching when I let them outside. They also like to eat many fresh fruits and vegetables such as celery, spinach, even cucumbers, and sometimes a few sunflower seeds will also put them back to full energy. :)

my birds love

pomegranites, almost rotten juicy pears, bananas, apples, turkey, ham, walnuts, raw green beans, corn on the cob, almost anything.
—Guest cstif

African grey and severe macaw

My grey loves juicy pears and pomegrates. My macaw eats them too but he LOVES apples.
—Guest cstif


my citron cockatoo, Bambam, loves bread with peanut butter (small portions) as well as a small slice of banana with tiny dollop of crunchie kraft peanut butter! Bird heaven lol
—Guest bambam

Dried fruits

Can finch eat dried fruits? I like to buy dried fruits for myself so I was wondering if this would be good for them
—Guest Gerardo Claire


My conure loves popcorn!! He will kill for it! He also loves live mealworms that I feed my lizards.
—Guest GiGi

crunchy and sweet

My bird loves apples! She likes her apples cubed,she also likes halved grapes!yuuummmeehh!
—Guest jaydee h

a seed trick

the minute I bring seed into the house I freeze it. That way if there are any bugs such as moths ect. the have no chance of invading the house. My grey loves everything- crazy about the hot peppers.
—Guest C-J


my cockatiel looooves popcorn! Also tries alot of new foods if I'm eating them also.
—Guest Christa

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