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Readers Respond: Do You Cover Your Bird's Cage at Night?

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Yes, My Birds Are Covered Every Night

I have found through many years that covering parakeets at night is calming to them. It also keeps off drafts from heating or airconditioner sources. I drape folded sheeting over the very large cage with the flock of parakeets. I drape a towel over the cage with the nesting box, leaving a small area near the bottom of the cage for fresh air to circulate. Baby 'keets are very sensitive to movement, so this keeps them feeling secure and happy during the night.
—Guest Del in Orlando

do you cover your birdcage at night?

Yes, for the cockatiel, she is 16 yrs. old, & she will make you cover her cage completely, to feel secure & cozy every nite. I used to leave it partially open, but moths get in, & of course she freaks out about that! As for the ten yr.old cockatoo, she sleeps w/us, & tells us nitely: "GO SLEEPY!" and will drag you off to bedtime. If we leave the tv on to drift off, after one show-or 2, she will now go over to remote control & click it off! (boy, are a lotta buttons missing!) She loves being cozy, & starts off by drinking her tea, going bathrm, when i go, & when in bed, she will fuzzy/wuzzy sleep on my chest. No cage cover for her! She will also wake me in the morns...& if i say: (5) more minutes, please! she will find her toys & go underneath covers & entertain herself. Sometimes she will jump over to the boyfriend & stand on his elbow, telling him, i am still awake! Sometimes, when raining, she places her head on pillow & covers herself.! Piece of work! ;-)
—Guest Florina

Do I Cover My Birds at Night?

Yes, I cover my 4 birds at night. It helps keep them warm and they settle down once the covers go on. I leave the front of the cage open some in the front so they can see out and know what is going on so they won't get scared of any noises. Plus we live in a cold part of CA and it helps prevent them from getting sick.
—Guest Rebecca

Covered right before the lights go out.

I cover my birds, because I don't want them to get cold at night. I cover them right before turning off the living room lights for the night. My two budgies always sleep together on their swing, so when they're ready to be covered they're both waiting on the swing until I get the message. If it's my bedtime, but they don't look ready, I'll get their sheet out and they hop right on to their swing. If I get a headache during the day, I'll half cover their cage and they quiet down for 20 minutes preening or chewing, but not chattering.
—Guest Sanisi

Do You Cover Your Bird At Night?

Yes, for the same reason as many others give. They seem to rest better, they settle in for the night as soon as the covers go on and we seem to have less night frights. It is also an advantage in the event you have a sick bird who needs to be covered to give them a warmer, more calm environment to recover in. If the bird is used to being covered, then this stresses them less when they are already compromised with an illness. I have had sick birds whom the vet recommended they be partially covered while they recover from an illness. This is one of the main reason I get any new birds who come into my care used to being covered at night. Duchess400
—Guest duchess400

Covering the Cages

My too won't shut up if I don't cover his cage. Of course, my sister is up at all hours and the lights get switched on, so it's better for my birds if their cages are covered. The Tequila, the 'Too also chews through his cage cover...so they only last a couple years.

Do not cover birds' cages at night.

I do not cover my birds' cages at night. I have one bird (a cockatiel) that has night frights, so I always leave a soft night light on for her.
—Guest ehollon

Covering the birds cage

I have 2 'tiels and I do not cover their cages...HRH Rexy Muffin does not allow his cage to be covered. He suffers from night flight. I also leave a night light on for him.
—Guest AM

Custom Covers Required

My birds are covered with custom-made covers because it seems to lessen the problem of "night frights" or disturbing them when I may get up during the night. My vet also insists they get at least 12 hours sleep ever night to keep healthy so it also helps in the summer when the daylight lasts longer.
—Guest Ronni92

Covering the cage at night.....

I cover Elvis (Sun Conure) every night. He seems to like it, because he knows it's time to get in his Happy Hut and go night-night.
—Guest Tina

cover the bird cage

I have 3 bird cages in my home and don't cover any. they are just fine with it. quiet all nite and start chatting about 8am. as soon as I get up, they all are greeting me, whistles and talking. the breeder before never covered her birds and mine are used to that.
—Guest Ruth

Covering the cage at night

I have 2 parakeets in one cage and 2 cockatiels each in their own cages.I do cover them at night.they are in my bedroom.I give them clean water and food each night and then cover them up.I got one cockatiel this year from someone and he is already 5 or 6.He had never been covered before.He seems to like being covered at night.I uncover them before I go to work each morning.But I think it is good to cover cages at night.I think it helps them to rest better.I don't cover the front all the way,only about half way down.
—Guest lisa lopez

do i cover my bird at night

Yes i cover my ciaque at night. Usally the sametime every night. I aquired him about 2 yrs ago and he is 6yrs old. He settles in and i think he feels safe and more protected. I use a dark blanket. In the morning he chirps and i know hes up and i uncover him for the day.
—Guest amy

Covering the cage

I have three parakeets and they start to get grumpy and squabble with each other when it's time for bed. I cover their cage-front and most of the sides-the back is against a wall, so that stays open. They settle in right after they're covered. They go to bed and wake up depending on the time of year. During the darker winter days, they like to sleep in, and, like me, are groggy when we have to get up for work. On bright summer mornings, my neighbors in our condo complex hear them singing! They really add so much to our house-I'm crazy about them....
—Guest Dennie

Covered cage at night...

I've had my little green cheek since she was 4-months and she is now 3.5yrs. I've covered her from the start with a black cage cover-but leave a dim light on and soft music. She has her 'bed' cage in our room, so when we come to bed I shut all off. She is very secure in her routine and gives me no trouble going to bed. As of late, she calls to have her front flap lifted when it's early but still dark and then she snoozes again until it gets lighter.


My two budgies, Buddy Boy and Little Alice *INSIST* they be covered at night! I have 4 tea towels and they watch as they go on in the "correct" order. In fact, if I have lost track of time (usually working on the computer or work related tasks), I am "dressed down" by a bevy of "ack! ack!" until I take notice that they are wanting to go to bed and get their covers and have a little "night-night" song sung. Then? Nary a peep as they are half asleep prior to the end of their little song. It is their routine and they really like it! I do too. I know that they are going to bed happy, that makes me happy too.

Covering the cage at night

Yes, I cover my parrot's cage with a dark sheet . I drape it over the sides and top but leave the front not completely covered. He settles in for the night when the cover goes on the cage. In the morning he can see what and who makes the morning sounds in the house. When the cover comes off, he starts his normal chatter and is ready for the day. The parrot is 4 years old. When we acquired him 2 years ago his former owner covered the cage completely. I did that initially but modified it to leaving the front open since the black sheet made everything so dark. My interpretation of his actions at that time was that he seemed to not be so anxious when the cover went on at night with leaving him some way to see outside the cage. He seems to be okay with this routine.
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