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Readers Respond: Do You Cover Your Bird's Cage at Night?

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Yes and No

For my Blue Crowned Conure I cover him because that's what he was used to. My Congo African Grey Parrot was never covered before I got her so I never covered her up. The only problem with having her uncovered is that any slight little noise or if the dog rolled over, she would wake up and look around to see what was going on, so I wish I had gotten her used to being covered, I think she would have slept better.

covering of a birds cage

I had over 100 birds in a outside garden center that we owned on the beachside and I did not cover their homes as I had built their homes around trees; however the more sensitive birds did get covered..it did not seem to matter other than a lot of birds would pull the covers into their home and they would get droppings on them. I think it depends on the noise & light levels, some birds are sensitive. I had finches to Mccaws and they enjoyed the outdoors rather than being inside..
—Guest lynn

yes i cover my birds cage

i always coover there cage .in summer light half way and winter if it gets cold in florida a heavier blanket
—Guest roxann

Yes I cover my birds cage.

I cover my cockiteils at night so they feel a sense of security and being a part of the family. I let have a little space open so they can see because these birds are blind in the dark. I also leave a tiny nite light on for them. Birds need attention too.
—Guest Terri Pedersen

No, I do not cover my birds - usually.

Over the years I've had many birds from parakeets, quakers, cockatiels, many varieties of finches, a cockatoo and for the last 15 years a blue and gold macaw. Only the early risers would get covered regularly. I would cover the parakeets to encourage them to sleep later in the morning. The rest of the birds seemed to do fine with just a darkened room with shades drawn. Our Macaw likes to sleep in late in the morning appreciates a darkened room with his mini blinds down to keep the owls from watching him at night and scaring him. If I have to go in after 9 pm and turn on the lights - well after 'night-night' time I am greeted by a crabby macaw. If I only turn on the hall light to enter and tell him it's only me he says 'Hi - night night time Birdie' and goes back to sleep. He just reminds me it's sleepy time. If you tune in to what going on your bird will 'tell' you what it prefers.
—Guest Sue

Definitely covered at night

I have 3 green cheek conures who will make noise of displeasure when they are disturbed throughout the night. I too get a better nights sleep because they don't yell every time I move in the evening. They fuss a bit when I first put the cover on, but soon quiet down and rest for the remainder of the evening. They are still up at dawn but they tend to be more sociable and agreeable with a full-night's rest.
—Guest Mz._Understood

Bird's Bedtime

Yes, I cover my bird at night. We have a 16 year-old African Grey who insists upon it. Shortly after it gets dark she will start by saying, "It's time to go to bed", she will repeat this or say, "It's sleepy sleeps time"! If I continue to ignore, then she starts just making loud noises and generally won't shut-up until she gets her way and her cage gets covered. In the morning when I uncover her, she'll say, "Good Morning" or "How are you". She's a character.
—Guest RLD 45

Guest Linda

Yes, I cover my three birds at night. I have two yellow-nape Amazons and a Cockatoo. They usually nap during the day with no cover, but at night they stay up as long as we let them. They seem to enjoy being covered and readily go in their cages when we say "time for night-night". It undoubtedly keeps drafts at bay plus I'm sure they can sleep sounder not having to keep one eye open and alert.
—Guest Linda_Brown80909

Do You Cover Your Bird's Cage at Night?

I cover my birds at night. I find they settle down faster & go to sleep sooner. When they have been left uncovered they are awake later & dont go to sleep a early
—Guest Shirley

do I cover my irds at night.

I have 64 birds in 37 cages Every night at around 4.30 in the winter and 6.30 in the summer I cover them all. They're my babies and need their sleep. It doesn't stop them from waking at 5 each morning. I dont mind as most of them are hand raised and I need to spend time with them before going to work. I live in Australia
—Guest Sandrasly


I cover 2 or more parakeets at night. I have a large cage, so I cover just the top of cage at night. Small cage, I cover the top and the sides, not front or back of cage. I would feel uncomfortable seeing the parakeets completely covered at night in the dark. Seeing a little bit makes it feel safer. I cover the top of cage with a beach towel. Seems to feel safe. I wouldn't leave cage covered if I was gone a few days. With towel on top at night, its like saying good night and covered up but not covered completely. your welcome Terry.C.Wilson@hotmail.com have two parakeets
—Guest Terry

I Cover bird cages

I cover 14 bird cages and always have. I have 46 cockatiels, 3 love birds, 3 quaker parrots and a sun conure which are all covered at night. It seems to settle them down, and if I get up at night they don't get disturbed. My cat doesn't disturb them either, she hasn't ever gone out to go hunting. I have a pict of a lutino cockatiel riding her back and looking at me as if to say what next "Daddy". The cages have been covered since '97.
—Guest ahgfl007

covering cage at night.

I do, so Tweedy feels warm and comfortable. I put a large bath towel over the cage, leave the corner open a bit so he can see when the puppies get up in the morning and he knows its time to stretch his wings and wake . Then we all say good morning and he begins to chat. Winter I do more so,only becauce the house is a bit colder.
—Guest g-majoan

Covering cage at night

Yes, i have a 5 year old African Grey Parrot who will not sleep unless the cage cover is on. Basically, its the habit that has been developed ever since we got her about 5 years back. I cover her cage with a huge sheet fromall sides and she knows its bed time the minute i pick up the sheet. Infact, she will start saying "good nite" indicating that she wants to sleep n we should cover her cage now :-). She is quite good with this routine. Rashmi
—Guest Rashmi

I have to cover my bird - He insists!

My 9 year old cockatiel will NOT go to sleep without his cage being covered at night. If I don't cover him, there is no peace. Not only will he not go to sleep he seems to know when bedtime is, and when I am in my room at my computer, he will jump off his cage and come back to the door of my room and stand and begin making his loud obnxious squawking at me. As soon as I get up, he turns and begins to trot across the carpet sideways (he is crippled and tends to walk sideways like a crab...he can not fly), climbs up his ladder to his cage, and gets in. Believe it or not, if I do not cover him at that point he will again get very loud with his bird talk to get me to cover him. Once the cover is over his cage all is 'well' in his world and I don't hear another peep out of him. He is a very bossy little guy and also doesn't seem to realize he is a bird...(that would be my fault) My apartment is his 'castle'. Wanda Mendillo
—Guest Wanda Mendillo

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