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Readers Respond: Do You Cover Your Bird's Cage at Night?

Responses: 107


Yes. Cover the cage

it will prevent light and may keep the cage warm. it makes your bird feel protected and safe. ( i own a dove)
—Guest Alexis

cover the cage

i cover the cage cause it makes them feel secure! i have one budgie named Jordan and he has a time frame! they will chirp a little at night, you'll get used to it.
—Guest Heather B.


I have one green cheeked conure named Leelu. I cover her cage at night and she has no problem with it. On the contrary, it allows her to get some sleep while I'm up into the night working on book reports and such. (I'm 14) It also seems to make her feel safer and protects her from drafts. I like the extra couple of minutes of sleep it buys me. (not that thats always much. She woke me up at 6:15 this morning.) Also, she seems to like me validating that I'm still there after the lights turn off. I say "goodnight Leelu" every night and she responds with a pretty little chirp noise.
—Guest Ally

Do you cover your bidr cage at night?

—Guest Virginia

My Sun Conures are like little kids.....

I have two sun conures and they cannot wait to go to sleep,, They are like two little kids.... Yes, I do cover the cage and leave a little section about 8 inches by 6 inches uncovered somewhat like a little window so they don't feel trapped and can view if they must... I think it is very important to cover all birds at night...... Not only do they get a SECURE sleep they need darkness & coziness.. Sleep is VERY IMPORTANT for their health especially for our sensitive birds that are in captivity...... most birds require 12 to 14 hours of deep sleep.... and the covering gives them a sense of security from preditors which promotes a deep sleep.... Good Luck.. Regina
—Guest Regina

my birds dont care

yes i do cover my birds at night. they like it but our cockatiels dont care.
—Guest katie

covering at nite

my orange winged amazon loves to be covered at nite; she always makes me smile in the morning with a lovely dance as i take her cover off in the morning..


Yes, I cover my Cockatoo (Kona) every night. We generally keep the house cooler @ night. Also, covering helps Kona sleep while we watch during the late evening hours.
—Guest Mark Plantz

covering birds cages??

No, I don't, because i let them wake up with the sun, and go to sleep when the sun goes down... I only cover them when it's cold out seeing it can get 0 degrees in the winter...
—Guest Joan

YES I cover my birds

I cover them cause they tell me too and I don't want to listen to the screams, and it helps me sleep in when the summer days are here
—Guest Cherie

Do you cover your bird's cage at night

i used to have birds yes they're wonderful pets to have and yes i used to cover all of my 3 birds at nights as soon as i did no word came from them i had 3 separate birds in 3 occasions that was a long time ago
—Guest monique

Covering the cage at night

I dont cover up my 2 budgies, I wouldnt be able to get them in thier cage. They spend all thier time flying around the lounge. I have put some perches and swings with toys on hanging from the ceiling and they sleep on them when I go to bed. There still playing if I'm still up at 1am. When I go to bed I turn all lights out and they settle down fine and are just as playful and noisy when I get up in the morning.
—Guest Sue

I Partly Cover My Bird's Cage

Partly to help keep my cockatiel warmer, and help cut down on the light. I put a blanket over the top and on every side of the birds cage except the front. He remains much quieter and is warmer and stays quieter later the next morning.
—Guest AmyTrindle

We Cover Them in Roosting Cages

We have 2 large companion parrots, a CAG, and a D2. I have had birds for 45 years. We not only cover, but also have roosting cages for their nightely sleeps. The object is to copy their nightly experience of sleeping in trees at night.(even though they are aviary raised). The benefit is that they don't bond as much to their day time cages, and are less protective (nippy).

Yes I cover my bird

Yes I cover my bird at night, and he really enjoys it, he is a Yellow Cheeked Amazon. He knows when we put the cover on him it is time for sleep, or quiet time. Often he will squak when we are eating and wants what we are eating. If I cover him he settles right down. He likes the feeling of being secure.
—Guest Linda from Mass

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