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Readers Respond: Do You Cover Your Bird's Cage at Night?

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I do cover my 2 parakeet when it's cold but I live in Cali and it gets really hot so sometimes I don't I just got a baby keet and it doesn't look like he's getting enough sleep so I'm gonna try to get him used to being covered up it depends on the bird u have the all have different needs:)
—Guest Ed


i just bought 2 budgies yesterday and i do cover them... but am afraid if they grab on and pull it in and suffocate???
—Guest sci tech boy

Cover my birds at night?!?!?!?

I have some Fischer's lovebirds and some budgies-about 16 of them.I have like 6 cages and at night i never cover them.I have the fear that they might get suffocated!
—Guest Fahim

my bird sleeps on my curtins

well my lovebird sunny, use to sleep in her cage most of the time, but finds it soothing to sleep on me, or sleep on top of my curtins at night now. for her, when she sleeps in her cage, she likes having a blanket over it, so she can get a good nap or sleep. in the spring/summer/early fall i cover he cage with a light blanket, and in the late fall/winter/early spring, i use a thicker blanket on her cage to keep her warm in the winter
—Guest LP

yah i do cover my birds

i do cover my bird bweeten the hours of 8:00 to 10:00 for both of my amizons and cakaitals. but im just makeng sure if it was ok, but it seems to calm them ever time i sleep tho
—Guest Becky

nighty night !

my 1yr. parakeet is so cute. she knows when it's time to go to sleep cause she stops playing & jumps right on her double swing mirro & kisses me goodnight ! she fills safe & secure in her little home & i could'nt go to bed without covering her.
—Guest terri

my birds enjoy it

ever sence ive been covering them theve layed eggs.so if you want them to la eggs i suggest you cover them. (at night only)
—Guest anna


Yes I cover my cockatiels at 7pm, they will keep on screaming until I cover them and same in the morning at 6am they will scream until I uncover them.
—Guest Akara

first time owner with sun conures

l have 2 sun conures, which l have never owned before. Female and male, they are brother and sister, almost 11 months old now. l have never covered them up since i got them at 3 months old. They both sleep on my couch behind the pillow. They are really spoiled birds. l stay at home all day while my husband works. When i have to go shopping or even go out for the day they both scream like crazy when they get put in their cage. My question is are they going to give me a hard time if i put them in their cage at night, and should i cover them up. Please respond to my question anybody out there lol.
—Guest patricia

Depends on the Bird

I have had 2 quakers. The first one was a stray and refused to let me cover him, he fought, yelled and chewed through everything on there, so I listened and just kept things dark and quiet for him. My second one was brought up at a breeder and insisted on being covered about the same time every night, so again I listened and he is covered. So I listen to to bird, whatever they are comfortable with, thats what I do.

most usualy yes cover your cage at night

two parakeets sam and cat tell me whether to or not. their emotions are easy to see so i know if i have done the right thing or not. i use the same cover a blue and gold thin silk square piece of material so they can be aware of the light when i move the cage with them in it from one room to the other mostly for privacy or when ta other is needing noise or outside observances we're kinda 24/7.
—Guest joseph

cover cage at bed time

when Coco came to live with me, the original owner said cover her at night, this I did, but discovered, that Coco seemed to become more stressed out, and showed her displeasure, by, chewing holes in the cover, at this time, she was in the living room, so,l decided to change rooms, her room now is in the computer room, where I spend a lot of time, at bedtime, in order to darken the room, all I have to do, is close the window drapes, she is warm, and dark, and that works for her.
—Guest lucille

Do you cover your bird's cage @ night?

yes I do!! I believe it makes her feel secure so I try to cover her even though some times I forget.. It also keeps her warm.
—Guest Gennifer

No I don't

My parakeet doesn't really know the difference when I cover the cage, she just does what she does in the cage normally as if the cage wasn't covered so I just don't bother doing it. I cover the sides to prevent drafts and keep the bird warm
—Guest Justin

Cage Covers

Yes, I always cover my birds' cages at night. It helps protect them from drafts, helps me to control the amount of light they get, and it seems to make them feel safer and cozier. In fact, some of my birdies actually complain if I'm late covering them up around their bedtime. :)
—Guest Lenoir

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