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Readers Respond: What It's Really Like to Own a Pet Bird

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The thought of owning a pet bird can be appealing -- but all too many people rush out and buy a bird without properly thinking it through. While you might think that you are quite well prepared to dive into the world of bird ownership, there are many aspects of keeping a bird that most owners don't find out about until after they've purchased one, and most of the time, they wish they had known beforehand.

Don't learn the hard way that a bird is not the right pet for you! Look here for tips from real bird owners that will give you an idea of what you can expect when caring for a parrot or other pet bird.

Amazon parrots

I fell in love with the yellow naped amazon from the moment I saw one, but I have heard that they go through an aggressive stage that can last for up to 2 years. Can anyone share their experiences with me so I can finally decide what to do.
—Guest A.meade

Little Laser

I have owned, or have been owned by my sweet "Little Laser". He is my african grey parrot that have companioned me for ten years. Everyday he wakes me up at the right time by standing on my bed and saying "wake up". "Little Laser" has an amazing vocabulary. He will say "good morning" or "wake up" to me in the morning, and he is very polite at the dinner table by saying "pass the peas", or "I want seeds". We always let him out of his cage, so he can go wherever he wants. He also loves going to the park, and looking for treats in the trees and bushes. Anyways, we all love him a lot, and we are glad he's in our lives.

birds are not good!

I've told people not to buy birds and parrots. They are not good pets at all! HAD a senegal, sold it, they suck man! SO MESSY AND LOUD! Sometimes I think they may be messier than a dog!
—Guest lilo

Its Just... Awesome!

Have two tiels and one macaw. They are a pleasure to live with, very loud, very messy, but rewarding and 100% worth it!
—Guest flurry-again!

living with a pet macaw

have a green-winged macaw right now, its name is Jody. it has a great vocabulary and is a very intelligent bird. a pleasure to live with. :P
—Guest sunny7749


Got a B&G macaw. WOW its messy! But still I would say very rewarding.
—Guest Coconut376

sweet Cody....

RIP my little cody. he was a jenday conure and the sweetest bird ever. he could say a few words on command and is very affectionate. Can't wait till I get a new bird!
—Guest Love My Cody

Do Research Before You Make A Move

Many birds have been bought by accident, purchased then given away in less than a week cause people don't know their needs. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO STUDY FIRST! I had to watch my neighbor get a senegal parrot, then let it die because they couldn't care for it properly. I DID want to help though so don't blame me. Right now I have two 'tiels, a male and female called Lemon and Lucy. And an African Grey parrot called Soot. He has just the most amazing vocabulary! Can say about sixty words and tons of phrases. Birds are awesome! Go birds! And hope this helped! :)
—Guest cockatiel bird


have two B&G macaws, they are just fantastic, they are the love of my life! birds are awesome pets! :)

snuggly, affectionate

birds are very affectionate and fragile animals. they are very cuddly though! had a cockatiel, best pet ever! sniff sniff though sadly it died. can't wait till I got a new one! woo hoo!
—Guest marco polo54321

Love My Pet Splash

I had a male hyacinth macaw. Its name was Splash. He was the funniest, sweetest bird I ever met. Though birds (especially larger macaws) can be very messy, does things at it's own will, can be extremely loud and make "ear- piercing noises", and will be destructive and bite VERY hard, if you have the right attention and lots of patience and encouragement, a bird will make a great pet and they can be very rewarding. Splash used to wake me up in the morning standing on my bed and saying "wake up mister! time for school!" I'm not a "mister", but I think he learned that from my older sister when she calls my younger brother up for school. Sometimes he eats with the family at the dinner table to look for some more treats to have, but usually that ends in a messy situation. Splash did have a pretty big cage, but he never uses it anymore, and we just let him in the house so he could go wherever he wanted to, and sometimes he would stand on the stairs and sing! All in all, birds are rewarding!
—Guest Hyacinth Macaw

R.I.P my sweet little Coco

Had a male sun conure, name was Coco. He just died a few weeks ago. Days really aren't the same without him bringing excitement into the house. Birds are great pets but they do require attention, conversation, interaction, patience, encouragement, and lots of love. Only that way will it love you back. Always remember to study and research before you go out and bring a parrot home though.
—Guest i'm awesome

not at all good

bought a bird-a cockatiel- they bite alot, very messy, squwaks constantly, not good pets at all. rather get a cat....
—Guest fruit bat


Got a sun conure and it is the best pet ever! Very affectionate and loads o' fun. Birds are awesome! How dare you "guest tresten"!!!:-(
—Guest Disco3450

birds are not good pets at all

wanted to see why birds were so popular, so went out and got a caiques parrot. turns out they are not good pets. bites me ALOT and VERY HARD. gave the parrot away. never should have bought it. MESSY, LOUD & HAS A HARD GRIP!
—Guest coco

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