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Alex the African Grey

Share Your Story: How I Named My Parrot

By LittleOwl

Alex the African Grey

"Smile for the picture, Alex!"

Meet My Bird

This is Alex the African grey. He's a boy and 5 years old (I think).

How I named my bird

Alex? That was an easy decision. We named him after the famous "ALEX THE PARROT". You guys probably heard of that famous bird who almost broke the record for speech in birds, right? If you didn't, search up Alex the Parrot. The famous "Alex the Parrot" was also an African grey. My Alex knows A TON of words, sentences, phrases, even stories and conversations, and tricks. Greys are so smart, its like having a kid. My Alex is a Timneh African grey, though, not a Congo, but I'll say they have a much sweeter and gentler personality than Congos.


  • Nope. No regrets. Alex likes his name, I like his name, my friends like his name, my family likes his name. Why change it? The name Alex which connects to "Alex the Parrot" really describes him. He's so awesome at speech, and since the famous "Alex" died (sadly), maybe he'll be the next in the spotlight!
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