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Pet Birds: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Everything You Need to Know About the Indian...
A look at keeping Indian Ringneck Parakeets as pets. Ringneck description, photos, tips for care, history, and more!
10 Signs Your Pet Bird is Sick
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10 Tasty and Nutritious Treats for Your Bird
Ever wondered what foods are safe to share with your bird? Would you like to learn which ten tasty treats drive pet birds wild with delight? If so, look here for the Top Ten list of tasty treats that birds love to eat!
The 5 Most Popular Species of Pet Birds
This is a list of the top 5 most popular companion bird species. Photos, profiles, descriptions and more make it easy for potential owners to learn about different types of birds before deciding which type to buy.
Top 10 Common Foods that are Toxic to Your Bird
A quick guide to the 10 most common foods that are poisonous to your bird. Many foods can trigger severe, even fatal reactions in exotic birds. Prevent an emergency by learning what treats to avoid.
How to Choose the Best Pet Bird for Your Family
Are you thinking of adopting a pet bird? While all bird owners want an attractive pet, you should be careful not to allow yourself to be blinded by a bird's beautiful colors. Different birds exhibit different behaviors and require different kinds of care. Before you buy, look here for tips on choosing a bird that will be compatible with your lifestyle and family.
How Can I Get My Lovebirds to Mate?
Lovebird breeding basics. Look here for the most important information on caring for breeding Lovebirds in your home. Features facts on egg laying, incubation time, number of eggs you can expect, and more!
This Vibrant Bird Species Actually Loves You Back
Summary of the essentials of caring for a Sun Conure. Cage requirements, training, feeding guidelines, history, and more!
Pet Bird Price List
A list of average prices ranges for the most common and popular pet bird species.
Can My Bird Make Me Sick?
Ever wondered if there are any diseases or illnesses that you could catch from your pet bird? The scary news is that there are, and there are also many illnesses that your bird could catch from you! Read on to learn more about how to prevent these types of infections, and how to recognize their symptoms if they should occur.
Parakeets (Budgerigars)
If you want a pet parakeet, don't miss this species profile! Colorful parakeets have graced the homes of bird lovers for many years. If you are thinking adopting one of these precious little birds, look here to find out more about them!
Quaker Parrots
A profile of the lovable Quaker Parrot, a popular pet bird species. Information includes common and scientific names, origin, temperament, general care, and much more!
Popular Talking Bird Species
Interested in learning about the parrot species that make the best talkers? If so, read on for profiles and information on some of the most popular talking birds kept as pets. While there is never a guarantee that a bird will talk, up your chances by choosing a species with natural vocal talent.
Rainbow Lorikeets as Pets
Want a very colorful bird as a pet? If so, then the beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet might be the bird for you! Check out this Rainbow Lorikeet species profile to learn more about these gorgeous birds.
Parakeet Breeding Basics
Parakeet breeding basics. Look here for the most important information on caring for breeding Parakeets in your home. Features facts on egg laying, incubation time, number of eggs you can expect, and more!
How Can I Choose a Bird that Will Talk?
Many people that are interested in pet bird ownership would like to buy a bird that can talk. Look here for helpful information about talking birds that will help you in your search for the right feathered friend.
Popular Pet Macaw Species
Think you've got what it takes to keep a pet Macaw? If you think you can hang with these powerful parrots, then take a look at this great list of popular pet Macaw species. From large Macaws to Mini Macaws and everything in between, the species profiles and information here will help you decide if a Macaw is the right bird for you!
Bird Identification: Common Green Parrots
There are many types of green parrots that are kept as pets, but some are far more common than others. Read on for photos and descriptions of some of the most popular types of green parrots, and help identifying any green parrots that you may have run across.
Do Owls Make Good Pets?
Wondering what it would be like to have an owl as a pet? For some insight, check out this FAQ on keeping pet owls. You might be surprised at what you learn!
Quiet Pet Bird Species
Are you thinking of adopting a pet bird, but just don't know if you can handle all the chirps, squawks, and screeches? If so, then check out this handy list of some of the most quiet pet bird species you can find. While they aren't silent by any means, they are a great low-volume alternative to louder bird species like Macaws and Cockatoos. Read on for more!
Bathing Your Bird
As with all pets, parrots and other companion bird species need to be bathed to ensure their good health. This important aspect of grooming is often the source of many questions among those that own pet birds. Read on to learn more about the proper ways to go about getting your bird squeaky clean.
Five Cheap Bird Toys You Can Make at Home
A list of five fun and practically free bird toys that you can make at home.
Good Birds for First Time Owners
A list of good starter birds for those new to bird ownership, and links to profiles on each species that outline their traits, care requirements, and personalities.
Top 3 Birds That Make Great Pets for Kids
An outline of the top 3 bird species that make the best pets for children.
Pet Doves
Ever wondered what it would be like to own a pet Dove? These beautiful and peacefully symbolic birds have been beloved companions to people around the world for hundreds of years. If you're interested in learning more about Doves and what it takes to be a goof Dove owner, then read on for this interesting and information Dove species profile!
Blue and Gold Macaws
Interested in Blue and Gold Macaws? Read this profile of Blue and Gold Macaws, including their origin, dietary and care requirements, and a look at keeping Blue and Gold Macaws as pets.
Alexandrine Parakeets as Pets
Known as excellent talkers and even better companions, Alexandrine Parakeets have been among the most popular pet parrot species for many years. If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to keep a pet Alexandrine Parakeet, then check out this species profile for more information!
Popular Pet Cockatoo Species
Considering a pet Cockatoo? If you are interested in these lovable clowns, then take a look at this great list of popular pet Cockatoo species. From large white Cockatoos to the smaller types like the Goffin's, these profiles on the most popular Cockatoo species will help you learn more about what it's like to care for them as pets, and will ultimately help you decide if a Cockatoo is the right bird for you!
Top Friendly Pet Bird Species
Looking to adopt a friendly, gentle pet bird? If so, then check out this list of the friendliest pet bird species. You might just find the best pet for you listed among these popular birds!
Most Colorful Parrot Species
Looking for a brightly colored feathered friend? If you'd like to find out more about some of the most beautiful parrot species available as pets, then check out this list of the most colorful parrot species. You may just stumble across the perfect pet you've been looking for!
Taming Aggressive Birds
An article discussing ways to hand tame aggressive parrots and other birds.
Easy Ways to Bond With Your Bird
Bonding with pet birds is essential for a pleasant ownership experience. If you need help bonding with your bird, check out this list of simple but effective ways to help strengthen the bond of love and trust between you and your pet! Whether you're feathered friend is just a bit shy or truly a problem parrot, these easy solutions will have you on the road to successful bonding in no time!
African Grey Parrots
Learn about the history of African Grey parrots including information on diet, exercise, lifespan, and more! If you are thinking of adding an African Grey to your family, check here first for a detailed look at the species.
Top 5 Most Intelligent Bird Species
We all know that parrots are smart, but which ones are the smartest? Read on to learn about some of the most intelligent birds on the planet!
What to Do if Your Bird Flies Away
An article on retrieving pet birds that fly away, with tips on preventing your bird from getting lost.
Pacific Parrotlets
A profile of Parrotlets, their origin, classification, and traits, as well as information on keeping Parrotlets as pets.
Facts About Macaws
Interested in learning more about Macaws? Check out this handy fact sheet full of information on this beautiful and fascinating parrot species. Learn about a Macaw's diet, origin, lifespan, and more!
Senegal Parrots
A profile of the Senegal Parrot, as well as information on keeping and caring for this beautiful and intelligent mid-sized parrot species.
Popular Amazon Parrot Species
Think you've got what it takes to keep a pet Amazon Parrot? If you think you can hang with these powerful parrots, then take a look at this great list of popular pet Amazon species. From large Amazons to smaller Amazons and everything in between, the species profiles and information here will help you decide if an Amazon Parrot is the right bird for you!
Correcting Bad Behavior in Birds
Ever wondered what to do when your bird is bad? Our feathered friends think and act quite a bit differently than cats or dogs, so it's no surprise that they require different training methods than these types of pets. Read on and find out ways to respond to your bird's bad behavior that should help you and your pet see eye to eye.
Facts about Indian Ringneck Parakeets
Facts and information about Indian Ringneck Parakeets, including discussions on their temperament, care requirements, and more!
Information about the different types of lovebirds, their origin, life span, behavior, general care, and more! If you are thinking of adopting a Lovebird, look here first to find out about them!
An introduction to Canaries as pets, along with facts about the species including color variations and temperament as well as tips on care and keeping.
Green Cheek Conures
Want a pet Green Cheek Conure? If so, don't miss this Green Cheek Conure species profile! Packed with information on temperament, nutrition, housing requirements, and more, this article will help you decide if a Green Cheek Conure is the right bird for you.
Popular Songs About Birds
An eclectic list of great songs about birds for those that love both music and their feathered friends. A great resource for those looking for songs about birds of all kinds.
Cockatiel Breeding Basics
Cockatiel breeding basics. Look here for the most important information on caring for breeding Cockatiels in your home. Features facts on egg laying, incubation time, number of eggs you can expect, and more!
How to Potty Train Your Pet Bird
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Cool Tricks You Can Teach Your Pet Bird
Teaching your pet bird cool tricks can strengthen the bond that you have with your pet through socialization, and can be a lot of fun to show off to your friends and family! Take a look at this article to learn how to teach your bird some fun and easy tricks so that you can show the whole world how smart your feathered friend is.
Regurgitation in Pet Birds
A guide to vomiting and regurgitation in pet birds.
Popular Small Bird Species
Have you been thinking about adopting a small bird? If so, it's important to become familiar with the small bird species that are available to pet owners. Check out this article for an introduction to a few of the most popular types of small pet birds that are out there, and to start taking steps toward deciding which type of bird would be best for you and your family.
Goffin's Cockatoos
Want a Goffin's Cockatoo? The Goffin's Cockatoo makes a wonderful pet for the right owner. Check out this Goffin's Cockatoo species profile to learn all about keeping these parrots as pets before bringing one home.
How to Teach Your Bird to Talk
Step by step instructions on teaching parrots and other birds how to talk.
Avian Anatomy 101
Have you ever wondered what a gizzard is for? Ever pondered what exactly a bird's beak is made out of? Look here for a quick lesson in the basics of avian anatomy, both internal and external. Knowing how your bird's body works can be valuable if your pet ever gets ill or injured -- be an informed and prepared owner by learning about the building blocks that make up your bird. Page 2.
Low-Maintenance Pet Bird Species
Do you want a pet bird, but don't want to deal with the time-consuming upkeep that comes with owning some species? If you are a bird-lover but you can't commit to caring for a bird like a large parrot, then you will definitely want to check out this article on low-maintenance bird species. You may just find that keeping pet bird can be entirely possible for you, as long as you go with the right type!
Hahn's Macaws
Interested in keeping a Hahn's Macaw as a pet? If so, check here to learn all about caring for a pet Hahn's macaw, from diet and housing requirements to their temperament and lifespan!
Common Diseases in Pet Birds
A list of the most common diseases found in pet birds, along with their symptoms and methods of treatment.
Top 10 Reasons Why a Bird Could Be the Best...
Are you thinking of adopting a pet? Would you like something a little more unique than a dog or a cat? If so, consider adopting a beautiful pet bird! Check out the top ten reasons that birds make great pets so you can decide if a feathered friend would make the best companion for you.
Why Does My Bird Bite Me So Much?
: Why Does My Bird Bite Me So Much? It seems like all my bird wants to do is bite my hands. Why does
My Bird Laid an Egg. Will it Hatch?
So, your bird laid an egg and you find yourself full of questions. What should you do with the egg? Why did your bird lay the egg? Will it hatch? Read on for those answers and more!
Hyacinth Macaws
A profile of the majestic Hyacinth Macaw including information on origin and classification of the species, and the care of Hyacinths kept as pets.
Easy Homemade Bird Cage Cleaner
Recipe for a bird cage cleaner you can mix at home. Try this simple, economical solution that'll help keep your bird's cage a clean and healthy environment.
Java Finches as Pets
If you like small birds and have a particular interest in less common pets, then take a look at the lovely Java Finch! These cute, quirky little birds have been finding their ways into more and more people's hearts and homes -- is yours next? Read over this Java Finch Species Profile for some help with the decision!
Top 5 Talking Bird Species
If you want to learn about talking parrots, you've come to the right place -- this list of the most popular talking bird species will help you discover the most commonly kept types of talking birds, and learn some interesting facts about them.
What is a Cuttlebone?
A dicussion on the cuttlebone and how it is used with parrots and other pet birds.
Details on the origin and history of Cockatiels, along with tips on temperament, care, feeding, and exercise.
Yellow Naped Amazon Parrots
If you're thinking of getting a Yellow Naped Amazon parrot, then do your research before bringing one home! Yellow Naped Amazons make wonderful pets, but they need the right owner to make things work. Read on to learn all about Yellow Naped Amazons and how to care for them in captivity.
Ten Things You Should Know Before Buying a Bird
An article highlighting a few surprising but universal truths about bird ownership.
Zebra Finch Breeding Basics
Finch breeding basics. An article full of information on breeding Zebra Finches. Look here to find out housing and nesting requirements, nutritional requirements for breeding birds, incubation times, and more!
Hybrid Macaws
Want to learn all about hybrid Macaws? Look here for profiles on the most popular types of hybrid Macaws and links to endless information on keeping and caring for these types of parrots. From diet and exercise to temperament and cage sizes, read on for help in determining whether or not a hybrid Macaw is the best bird for you.
Sulphur Crested Cockatoos
Profile and information on the origin, history, and care of pet Sulphur Crested Cockatoos
How to Choose a Qualified Avian Vet
Look here for tips on finding a good doctor for your bird, things to look for, questions to ask, and more to ensure your bird lives a long and healthy life.
Umbrella Cockatoos
Information on the life span, origin, and history of Umbrella Cockatoos, and tips on keeping them as pets.
Small to Medium Sized Birds That Can Talk
Parrots aren't the only talking birds. Here are some popular small and medium sized birds that can learn to talk just as well as their larger cousins.
Eclectus Parrots
Profile and information on the bold, beautiful Eclectus.
Facts About Budgies
If you want to learn more about Budgies, then don't miss this fun fact sheet full of Budgie information! Learn about the different types of Budgies, Budgie behavior, teaching Budgies to talk, and more!
Signs of Egg Binding in Birds
Information on the most common signs and symptoms of egg binding in female birds. Problems with egg binding and how to diagnose an egg bound bird.
Crimson Rosellas as Pets
Crimson Rosellas are beautiful, eye-catching birds that can make great pets for the right owner. If you think a Crimson Rosella might be the right bird for you, then check out this species profile to learn more about these red and blue beauties!
What are the Differences Between Parakeets and...
Are Parakeets and Budgies the same species? What are the differences between the two? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this brief FAQ on the difference between Parakeets and Budgies!
Bluffing (Biting) Behavior in Parrots
All too often, people that own young parrots wake up to find that their sweet baby bird has turned into
Top 5 Great Bird Movies
A list of fun, family friendly movies about parrots and other birds.
Cleaning Your Bird's Cage
Tips on setting a proper cleaning schedule for your pet bird's cage, and advice about techniques that will make cleaning your bird's cage much easier. These easy instructions will have you on the road to a sparkling clean bird cage in no time!
What Are the Best Birds for Apartment Living?
A list of popular pet bird species that are best suited to living in small spaces like apartments, condos, and dorms. If you are a renter and you want a pet bird, look here before deciding on a species!
Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrots
If you want to learn about Double Yellow Headed Amazons, then you've come to the right place. Double Yellow Headed Amazons make great pets for the right owners. Check out this species profile for help deciding if a Double Yellow Headed Amazon is the right bird for you.
Choosing Names for Parrots and Other Pet Birds
If you're getting a new pet bird, then check out this article on names for parrots for some cool suggestions! Tips for choosing the best names for parrots, advice on cool and unique bird names, and more!
Common Names: Black Headed Caique, White Bellied Caique, Seven-Color Parrot, Dancing Parrot, Yellow Thighed
10 Bird-Safe Houseplants
Look here for handy information on attractive houseplants that are safe for pet birds. These bird-safe plants and flowers will brighten up your home without causing worry that they could make your bird sick. Read on for more!
Jenday Conures
Want a pet Jenday Conure? If so, check out the information in this Jenday Conure species profile. The tips on feeding, housing, temperament, and more will help you decide if a Jenday Conure would be the best pet for you.
Rose Breasted Cockatoos
Rose Breasted Cockatoos, or Galah Cockatoos, are popular pets. If you want a Rose Breasted Cockatoo, look here first for information on the Rose Breasted Cockatoo's temperament, dietary and housing requirements, and more!
Fun Bird Facts
Fun and little known facts about parrots and other birds.
Why Do Birds Pluck Their Feathers?
Is your bird plucking its feathers? Feather plucking can be a sign of several different problems in your pet. Read on to learn more about what feather plucking means, and what to do if it happens to your bird.
Facts About Lovebirds
Facts and information on lovebirds, including temperament, color varieties, activity level, and more about what it's like to live with these birds as pets.
Before You Build Your Own Bird Cage...
It can seem like a fun and cost effective way to acquire housing for your pet bird, but building your own bird cage has definite drawbacks that can put the health and safety you both you and your feathered friend at risk. Consider these potential hazards before deciding to go to the time and effort of building a homemade cage for your pet bird.
Basic Training: A Quick Guide to Teaching Your...
The "Step-Up" command is the most basic and important command for a pet bird to know. Not only will you
Bird Identification: Common Blue Parrot Species
If you've been having trouble identifying a blue parrot that you've run across, then you can look to the information here to help narrow down your search.
Five Things to Consider Before Buying a Bird
A discussion about different issues that bird owners contend with, as well as a list of things potential owners should know about birds before bringing one home.
Can I Feed My Pet Bird "People Food"?
A discussion on feeding pet birds human food. find information on what food is safe and which options your bird will enjoy the most.
How to Trim Your Bird's Nails
Tips on easily and effectively trimming your pet bird's nails at home.
Greenwing Macaws
Learn all about caring for pet Greenwing Macaws, from housing and dietary requirements to exercise and training needs.
Signs of Hormonal Behavior in Parrots
If you suspect that a drastic change in the way your bird is acting is due to hormones rather than a medical problem, check out this article to learn more.
Are Eggs Really Good for My Bird?
It is completely natural for a bird to eat eggs, our avian friends suffer absolutely no psychological problems as a result of it.
Trimming a Bird's Beak
Information on beak trimming for parrots and other birds with overgrown beaks or other beak abnormalities. Check here to learn about how beak trimming is done, how to figure out if your bird needs his beak trimmed, and more!
How to Train Your Bird to Wave Hello
Teaching your pet bird to wave hello is quite a bit easier than it sounds. Read on to learn how to train your bird to do this trick on command. You'll be surprised at how quickly your feathered friend will catch on!
How to Get Bird Poop Off of Your Clothes
If you find that your bird has left an embarrassing pile of droppings on your clothing, follow these tips to remove the poop quickly and easily.
Scarlet Macaws
Scarlet Macaws make wonderful pets for the right owners. If you want a Scarlet Macaw, look here first for a detailed species profile with information on feeding, housing requirements, temperament, and more!
How to Clip Your Bird's Wings
There are many benefits to clipping your pet bird's wings, related to both safety and training. If you do decide to clip your bird's wings, follow the instructions and diagram in this article to make sure that you're doing it safely and correctly.
Mini Macaws as Pets
Read on for more information on Mini Macaw species, how to care for them and keep up with them, and what it takes to be a good Mini Macaw owner.
How to Fix a Broken Blood Feather
If your bird breaks a blood feather, it's important to act quickly to get the situation under control. Look here to find out what to do if your bird breaks a blood feather, and how to handle the situation in the least stressful way.
Blue Fronted Amazon Parrots
Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot can make great pets. To learn all about Blue Fronted Amazons and how to care for them as pets, check out this species profile with information on diet, housing, temperament, and more!
Parrot Lice: What Bird Owners Should Know
Did you know that pet parrots can harbor lice? As scary as it sounds, it's true -- so it's important for bird owners to know how to identify a lice infestation and seek proper treatment. Keep reading to discover information that will help you keep your parrot and your home healthy and parasite-free!
Common Plants That are Toxic to Birds
Worried about plants around your house that may be toxic or poisonous to parrots and other pet birds? Check out this list of common plants that are poisonous to birds so that you can make sure that your feathered friend stays healthy, happy, and out of harm's way.
Should a Bird's Cage be Covered at Night?
An article discussing why some bird owners opt to cover their bird's cages at night, whether or not it is necessary, and the importance of sleep to parrots and other birds.
Plum-Headed Parakeets as Pets
Interested in keeping a Plum-Headed Parakeet as a pet? If so, read on to discover some of the most interesting facts about this colorful species. You might be surprised by what you learn!
Good Words and Phrases to Teach a Talking Parrot
If you are the lucky owner of a talking parrot, then you may wonder about the best words and phrases that you can teach your amazing pet. For some great ideas that will encourage your parrot to talk more and broaden his vocabulary, check out this article on the best words and phrases to teach a talking parrot! With a little patience and the right knowledge, your bird will be gabbing your ear off in no time.
Blue Crown Conures
Blue Crown Conures, some of the most beautiful and friendly of the Conure species, make wonderful pets for the right owners. Read on for more information.
Moustached Parakeets as Pets
Beautiful and compact, the Moustached Parakeet is a popular pet for those who would prefer to keep a medium-sized parrot.
Should I Clip My Bird's Wings?
A discussion of reasons why most owners of parrots and other pet birds choose to clip their pet's wings.
Orange Winged Amazon Parrots
Packed with information on feeding, housing, and taking care of these birds, this profile will help you decide if this species is the best choice for you.
Bourke's Parakeets as Pets
Bourke's Parakeets can make lovely pets for the right people. Read on to learn more about these fascinating birds in this Bourke's Parakeet species profile.
Causes of Regurgitation in Birds
Why does your pet bird throw up on you? The answer may surprise you, and be more endearing than you think! Check out this article on regurgitation to learn all about why pet birds sometimes try to cough up their last meal just for you.
Facts About African Grey Parrots
Looking for facts about African Grey parrots? Read on to discover the intelligence of African Grey parrots, information on the different types of African Grey parrots, facts about living with and caring for African Greys as pets, and much more!
Lineolated Parakeets as Pets
Wondering what it's like to own a Lineolated Parakeet? If so, then you won't want to miss this informative Lineolated Parakeet species profile. It will give you information on what it's really like to share your life with one of these pet birds!
Reasons Not to Give Young Chickens as Easter...
Baby chickens are popular as gifts for Easter, and while they may seem like a fun preset to give and receive, there are several reasons why giving pet chicks as Easter gifts can be a very bad idea. Read on to learn why you should consider giving just about anything to a loved one for Easter except a baby chick!
Severe Macaws
If you're thinking of bringing a Severe Macaw home with you, look here for all you need to know about keeping these birds as pets, from diet to temperament.
Choosing a Bird Cage - Rules to Remember
What kind of cage is best for your bird? How large does the cage have to be? Where should the cage be located? Find the answers to these questions and more as you learn the rules of choosing the best cage for your pet bird!
Types of Small Parrots
Want to learn about some of the smaller parrot species? Read on for information on some of the most popular ones, including budgies, lovebirds, and more.
Easy, Fun Bird Toys that You Can Make at Home!
Look here for a step-by-step guide to making simple, economical, and fun bird toys that your pet will enjoy for hours. A good activity to do with children.
Bird Identification: Common Yellow Parrots
A list of the most commonly kept types of yellow parrots, including photos and information to help bird lovers learn more about the species. Look here if you're trying to identify a yellow bird that you've never seen before!
Black Capped Conures
Learn all about the beautiful and intelligent Black Capped Conure in this eye-opening Black Capped Conure species profile! Is a Black Capped the right bird for you? There's only one way to find out -- research!
Green Cheeked Amazon Parrots (Mexican Redhead...
Read this species profile for more information on this popular bird in the pet trade, including temperament, color variations, and proper care.
Catalina Macaws
Want to learn more about keeping Catalina Macaws as pets? If so, look here to learn all about Catalina Macaws and their care. From diet and exercise to temperament and cage size, learn what you can expect if you decide to adopt a Catalina Macaw of your own.
What is Eye Pinning?
A description of the eye pinning or eye flashing behavior in parrots, as well as the causes and interpretations. Eye pinning may look odd at first, but learning to
Macaw Photo Gallery
Photo gallery of macaw parrots for pet bird lovers! Check out the beautiful macaws in this gallery, and add a photo of your own if you are a macaw owner!
Should I Breed My Pet Bird?
Issues that pet bird owners should consider before breeding their feathered friends.
Large Parrots as Pets
Large parrots can be bold, eye-catching pets, but the fact is that not everyone is suited to keeping a large bird for a pet. If you think you might have what it takes to own a large pet parrot, take a look at this article for some insight into what is in store for those who want to call a large parrot their own.
Facts About Cockatoos
Learn some interesting facts about Cockatoos using this easy to understand Cockatoo fact sheet, including lifespan, home natural environment, and photos.
Your Bird's Age
You might know how old your bird is, or you might not. Find out how to unlock the secrets of your bird's age in this article!
Use Clicker Training to Teach Your Bird Fun...
Ever wondered how bird trainers you see on TV teach their parrots to do the amazing tricks they perform? The answer is most likely through clicker training, and any bird owner can get started right away with any bird. Read on to discover how clicker training can turn your bird into a star!
Common Parasites in Birds
An article on the most common parasitic infestations in birds, including information on their symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.
Caring for Bird Bite Wounds
Parrots and other pet birds can deliver some nasty bites when they get upset. Read on to learn how to properly care for and heal a bird bite wound!
Moluccan Cockatoos
Want a Moluccan Cockatoo? If you're interesting in keeping Moluccan Cockatoos as pets, then look here for a profile on Moluccan Cockatoos including temperament, dietary and housing requirements, and more!
Military Macaws
Looking to adopt a Military Macaw? If so, look here first for vital information on keeping Military Macaws as pets. From diet and exercise to temperament and housing requirements, find out all you need to know about Military Macaws before bringing one home.
Major Mitchell's Cockatoos
Interested in Major Mitchell's Cockatoos? If you want to learn more about Major Mitchell's Cockatoos and keeping them as pets, check out this species profile with information on temperament, dietary requirements, and more. Don't buy a Major Mitchell's Cockatoo unless you've read this first!
Citron Cockatoos
Citron Cockatoos are popular pets, adored by bird lovers everywhere. If you want a Citron Cockatoo, check here for a Citron Cockatoo species profile with tips on temperament, housing, diet, and more!
Top 5 Loudest Parrot Species
We all know that parrots can be loud -- but which types of parrots are known to be the loudest? Find out in this fun article about the top 5 loudest parrot species! You may be surprised about which birds made the list!
Stop Your Parrot from Biting
Biting parrots are a common problem for pet bird owners. Say goodbye to sore fingers and hurt feelings -- read on to learn how. Page 2.
Top 5 Medium Sized Parrot Species
Looking for information on medium sized parrot species? You've come to the right place! Check out this list of the top 5 medium sized pet parrots for some ideas on which type of bird might be best for you!
Lesser Known Bird Species that Make Great Pets
Looking for a pet bird that is less common than a Budgie or a Macaw? If so, then you will want to dive right in to this great list of uncommon and unique pet bird species! Read on to discover a few lesser known birds that make amazing pets for the right owners.
: Preening is the process by which birds groom and care for their feathers. When a bird is preening,
Facts About Sun Conures
Interested in learning more about Sun Conures? Read on to learn some eye-opening facts about Sun Conures, including information on their origin, temperament, lifespan, and more!
Cherry-Headed Conures
Common Names: Red-Masked Conure, Red Headed Conure, Cherry Headed Conure, Red Masked Parakeet Scientific

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