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Small Birds

Profiles on popular small pet bird species.
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Pacific Parrotlets
A profile of Parrotlets, their origin, classification, and traits, as well as information on keeping Parrotlets as pets.

Parakeets (Budgerigars)
Learn all about the most common and popular kind of parakeet, the Budgerigar! These colorful little birds have graced the homes of bird lovers for many years, and continue to delight families around the world with their sweet voices and charming dispositions. If you are thinking adopting one of these precious little birds, look here to find out more about them!

Popular Small Bird Species
Have you been thinking about adopting a small bird? If so, it's important to become familiar with the small bird species that are available to pet owners. Check out this article for an introduction to a few of the most popular types of small pet birds that are out there, and to start taking steps toward deciding which type of bird would be best...

Facts About Budgies
If you want to learn more about Budgies, then don't miss this fun fact sheet full of Budgie information! Learn about the different types of Budgies, Budgie behavior, teaching Budgies to talk, and more!

Lineolated Parakeets as Pets
Wondering what it's like to own a Lineolated Parakeet? If so, then you won't want to miss this informative Lineolated Parakeet species profile. It will give you information on what it's really like to share your life with one of these pet birds!

Scarlet Chested Parakeets as Pets
Scarlet Chested Parakeets have been growing in popularity as pet birds as of late, and there are several reasons why. Read on to learn more about these incredibly eye-catching birds!

Bourke's Parakeets as Pets
Bourke's Parakeets can make lovely pets for the right people. Read on to learn more about these fascinating birds in this Bourke's Parakeet species profile.

Is a Small Bird Right for You?
Learn about what it's like to live with a small pet bird in this article.

Facts About Parrotlets
Interested in learning more about the lovely Parrotlet? Check out these key Parrotlet facts for a good overview of basic information about these charming little birds.

Types of Small Parrots
Want to learn about some of the smaller parrot species? Read on for information on some of the most popular ones!

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