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What Are the Best Birds for Apartment Living?


If there is one thing that birds are known for besides flight, it's the sounds of their calls and songs. While a bird's call may be music to the ears of its owner, not everyone will find it to be so pleasant -- and this can mean trouble for bird owners that live in apartments or condominiums. If you live in close proximity to your neighbors, then check out this list of quieter bird species that do well in small spaces like apartments. You are sure to find a species that will complement your home and lifestyle.

1. Parakeets (Budgies)

Photo (c)2008 Luc and Amanda Williams
If you have your heart set on a hookbill, then a Parakeet or Budgie may be the way to go. Small and quiet, these little birds do fine in cozier spaces and aren't loud enough to disturb most people.

2. Cockatiels

Patricia Lowery and Marvette Hillis
If you have room for a larger cage, a Cockatiel may be the bird for you. While they may take up a little more room than some smaller species, their calls and chirps rarely reach levels that may be deemed bothersome by neighbors.

3. Finches and Canaries

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The small size of these birds makes them ideal companions for apartment dwellers. While they are actually more vocal than many species, their tiny voices go virtually unnoticed by those who aren't trying to hear them.

4. Parrotlets

Ginny Dille
Though they are parrots in every sense of the word, tiny Parrotlets lack the ability to scream and screech like most other hookbills. Their soft chatter and chirps are hardly enough to disturb even the pickiest neighbors.

5. Pionus Parrots

If you really want a larger bird, members of the Pionus family are known for their quiet natures. Research several different Pionus Species to determine which would best fit with your lifestyle and living situation.
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