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Top Holiday Gifts for Bird Owners

Christmas Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers


If you've found yourself shopping for a bird owner this holiday season, then you may be stumped as to what types of gifts they would most appreciate. No doubt, it can be hard to surmise what would be on a bird owner's wish list if you've never owned a bird yourself! Have no fear though -- check out the gift ideas below for some help figuring out what might be the best sort of gift for the bird lover in your life. You are sure to find something that will delight the one you are shopping for!

Gift Cards/Certificates

Owning any type of pet can get expensive -- but a trip to any pet supply store will show you that owning a bird can cost quite a bit more money than many people would expect! Keeping this in mind, you may want to help the bird owner in your life out by giving them a gift card or gift certificate for some pet supplies, redeemable at their favorite shopping place. That way, they can put it to use getting gifts for their pet bird, or just stock up on some extra treats or seed!

Bird Toys

Anyone who has ever interacted with a parrot knows that they love their toys -- but what most non-bird owners don't realize is that these highly intelligent creatures actually need their toys in order to be psychologically healthy and mentally stimulated. Because parrots are equipped with such strong beaks and talons, they can be quite rough on their playthings, and can destroy them pretty quickly. Conversely, they can also become bored playing with the same old toys day after day. If you are shopping for a bird owner, buying them some bird toys is a great idea since they can always use some fresh ones. Another idea would be for you to make some safe and fun homemade bird toys as a gift. What better way to show your bird-owning loved one that they hold a special place in your heart?

Perches/Cage Accessories

Having something comfortable to stand on is just as important as having fun playthings, and like toys, parrots and other pet birds also tend to go through perches and cage accessories rather quickly. Because the prices for these can add up so fast, it is a great idea to get a bird lover some new wooden perches, some stainless steel food bowls, or some other types of safe cage accessories for their feathered friend. Use caution, though -- be sure to familiarize yourself with the potentially dangerous cage accessories that are on the market. Otherwise, opt for getting a gift card so that your loved one can shop for their own cage furnishings.

Fruit Basket

It might seem odd to get a fruit basket as a gift for a bird owner, but in actuality it's a great idea -- pet birds thrive on a diet that includes lots of fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables, and when owners share these tasty foods with their pets, it creates a wonderful bonding experience. Buy a ready-made fruit basket or make one yourself at home, including plenty of bird-safe selections. A fruit basket full of a variety of healthy and nutritious treats could be the greatest gift your bird-owning loved one gets this year!


If none of the other options listed here appeal to you, then you may want to try giving your loved one a bird-themed movie, or even creating a special mix CD for them with several songs about birds. A homemade, personalized gift such as this is a great way to show that you care, plus, it can help cut your shopping expenses if you are buying gifts on a tight budget.
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