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Remembering Birds Who Have Passed Away

5 Ways to Memorialize Pet Birds Who Have Died


It a sad subject that no one really wants to talk about, but sooner or later most pet bird owners are faced with dealing with the loss of their beloved feathered friends. Even birds who are immaculately cared for can simply pass away due to old age or other unexpected issues, not matter how meticulous their owners were about making sure that their pets' needs were met and exceeded. If you are grieving the loss of your pet bird, it's important that you remember not to blame yourself for your bird's death, but allow yourself to work through the grief of your loss as it comes naturally to you. Finding ways to memorialize your pet bird can be an important part of this process. Browse the information below for some ideas that may offer you some creative ways to remember your bird's life and work through the pain of your loss. Doing so will be a healthy step in your individual grieving process.

1. Donate items to a bird rescue.

Sometimes, the loss of a pet makes it difficult to deal with looking at items that once belonged to them. In the case of a bird, this can mean toys, an empty cage, molted feathers, and other things. If you feel as though you can't bear to ever use the items again, consider donating them to a bird rescue or sanctuary. Many of these types of organizations are nonprofits that will qualify you for a tax deduction in the amount of the value of your gift, and at the same time, you'll be helping homeless birds who have no possessions of their own. If you have kept your bird's molted feathers over the years, you might also consider donating them to an organization such as the Wingwise Feather Distribution Project. This special initiative collects molted parrot feathers and distributes them to Native American tribes for use in their traditional religious ceremonies. What a beautiful way to help others and honor your pet's memory!

2. Create a memorial for your bird.

If you are going to take care of disposing of your bird's body yourself, you may want to create a nice tombstone for your pet's grave-site to memorialize your bird. Even if you opted to let your avian vet take care of your bird's remains, it can be nice to make a plaque to place in your garden or another quiet spot of your choice. This can allow you to have a special place to go to remember your bird in peace, and spend time reflecting on the beauty that he or she brought into your life. If you'd prefer, you can also build an online memorial to your bird. Choosing this option will allow you to share your bird's life and story with the world, and is a good way to memorialize a pet if you want to be able to access your special place on the go. Such memorials can be customized with your bird's photos, videos, or even special poems or songs that remind you of your pet.

3. Volunteer or foster.

While it may seem impossible to think of adopting another bird after you lose one who has meant so much to you, you might want to consider volunteering at a bird rescue or even temporarily fostering a homeless parrot. Sometimes it can help to have another feathered friend to care for in the later stages of your grieving process, and there are so many birds out there who could use a knowledgeable person to provide care for them while they await adoption into their new homes. Opening your heart and home to a foster parrot can be a great way to honor the bird that you lost by helping to give a less fortunate bird a second chance at a good life.
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