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How to Upgrade Your Bird's Cage

Upgrading a Bird Cage


Everyone needs a change of atmosphere now and then -- even notoriously picky birds, who normally prefer things to be the same day after day. Think about it -- how good does it make you feel whenever you redecorate or rearrange your home to make the space more accommodating? Giving your bird's cage a fresh re-design can not only improve on your pet's use of the space that he or she is provided, but it can offer your feathered friend much needed mental stimulation that can help curb depression, anxiety, and stress. However, you must be careful not to disrupt your bird too much in the process! Check out the tips below to find out how.

Remove any unused items.

Think about the last time you cleared out a cluttered room or storage area -- weren't you please to have a nice, clean, open space when you were finished? Even though we provide out birds with the largest cages that we can, living life between the cage bars often does not provide our feathered friends with very much room to move around. Because of this, it is always advisable to maximize the space in your bird's cage as much as you can. If there are toys or perches in the cage that you've noticed your bird does not use, go ahead and remove them. This will open up the space a little bit more and allow your pet to feel less confined.

Consider using different perches.

Traditional dowel-type perches are typically placed straight across the cage from one end to the other, taking up quite a bit of space that could be used for other things. More modern types of perches such as manzanita wood branches and rope perches can be placed in the cage in a way that can offer your bird plenty of perch space without taking up so much room inside of the cage. As a bonus, these types of perches can offer other types of benefits for your bird in terms of foot health.

Try some new toys.

Many times, bird owners will purchase large, elaborate toys for their pets, and find that their birds take little interest in them. If you notice this happening with your own feathered friend, feel free to clear out some of your pet's unwanted toys and replace them with smaller, newer, more interesting ones. You might find that your bird will be much happier with some new playthings to explore! You can also experiment by making some homemade bird toys and seeing how your bird responds to different designs before making the decision to ditch the other types of toys you've been buying.

Buy new dished for your bird.

Many times, bird cages come with plastic food and water dishes that aren't really the best option for feeding your pet. In addition to having a less than ideal design and being made from a material that can crack, leak, and harbor bacteria, these dishes are not always made to fit in the most convenient places within the cage. You can remedy this by replacing them with stainless steel "coop cup" type dishes that can be found at any pet supply store. These normally come with their own hangers that will attach to the bars of your bird's cage, allowing you to position them in the way that is most ideal for you and your bird to access them.

Add a play top to the cage.

Have you ever seen those really nice bird cages that have large play areas on the top of them? You can emulate that sort of setup at home without having to spend hundreds of dollars at the pet shop. Simply use some bendable rope perches and other toys and accessories that you can clip onto the top bars of your bird's cage. During out-of-cage playtime each day, odds are that you'll notice your feathered friend wanting to spend more and more time up on his or her custom play-top cage.
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