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Five Products That Help Make a Bird Owner's Life Easier

Convenient Cleaning Products


We all know that birds can be messy -- sometimes to the point that it seems impossible to keep up with them. Luckily for us, there are plenty of products on the market that can reduce the effort required to maintain a clean and healthy environment for ourselves and our pets. Read on for a list of five great products that can help make caring for your pet easier, less time consuming, and a lot more fun!

1. Handheld Vacuum

Handheld vacuums can be very helpful for cleaning up discarded seed hulls around your bird's cage, as well as for removing down and dander, which can cause allergies for some owners. Small, lightweight, and convenient, these little suckers make cleaning up a snap!

2. Cage Skirt

A cage skirt is a piece of fabric, usually fitted with elastic or velcro, that stretches around the bottom of a bird's cage to help catch messes before they reach the ground. Since they work to keep the mess contained, it's usually much easier to keep the floor around your pet's home clean and debris free.

3. Scrub Brush

If you've ever cleaned a bird cage, then you know that dried bird poop can be like concrete when it comes to sticking around. Whenever I am cleaning perches, grates, or cage bars, I like to use a good, sturdy scrub brush to help break away any stuck-on droppings before I wash them. This can cut your cage cleaning time in half if your feathered friend is particularly messy.

4. Extra Bowls

For the same reasons as humans, birds should not eat out of dirty dishes. Bowls that have set out overnight are a veritable breeding ground for bacteria, some of which could pose a threat to your pet's health. Instead of washing my birds' dishes before each meal, I find it much quicker and easier to keep several extra bowls on hand for rotation. With the extra dishes, I can dole out breakfast in the morning with ease, leaving the dirty bowls for me to wash later, at my leisure.

5. Specialty Cleaners

Several companies are now making products that are designed with enzymes to break down organic waste material like dried on bird droppings and bits of food. These products, such as Poop-Off Bird Poop Remover, can save you quite a bit of elbow grease since the enzymes' natural reactions start working to degrade the waste on impact. Another option is to mix up a natural homemade cage cleaner and use it to help soften up dried droppings before you rinse them away.
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