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Easy, Fun Bird Toys that You Can Make at Home!


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Assemble Your Materials
Easy, Fun Bird Toys that You Can Make at Home!

The first step in making these easy homemade bird toys is to assemble all of the necessary materials.

Being especially intelligent animals, it is important for birds to receive adequate mental stimulation in order to keep from becoming bored, depressed, and destructive. The easiest way to fulfill this need is to supply your pet with plenty of bird-safe toys.

Because birds need their toys to be changed out frequently, and because many times their toys end up shredded, broken, or otherwise torn apart, it can help to have a few extras on hand. One creative way to provide your bird with fun toys is to make them yourself at home.

Cardboard toys are clean, non-toxic, disposable, and fun, all of which make them wonderful for both birds and owners. To make some simple toys for your bird, you will need to gather the necessary materials:
  • One or two cardboard paper towel tubes
  • Food Coloring
  • A clean new paintbrush (any size)
  • Scissors
  • Four small containers for dye
  • Two cups cold water
  • Newspaper
Once your supplies are gathered together, spread newspaper out over your work space to protect any surfaces from the food dye.
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