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Grooming Your Bird

Toenail trouble? Feather fiasco? If you need help learning how to groom your bird, this information should put you well on your way to success.

Bathing Your Bird
As with all pets, parrots and other companion bird species need to be bathed to ensure their good health. This important aspect of grooming is often the source of many questions among those that own pet birds. Read on to learn more about the proper ways to go about getting your bird squeaky clean.

Do Pet Birds Need to be Misted?
A brief discussion on the benefits of misting pet birds daily with water.

Do You Clip Your Bird's Wings - Do You Trim Your Pet Birds Wings
Some pet bird owners choose to clip their bird's wings, and some do not. What about you and your bird? Tell us whether or not you keep your bird's wings clipped and why. Share your experiences with other bird owners just like you!

Does My Bird Need a Feather Conditioner?
Information on feather conditioners and other supplements that owners can buy for their birds -- and insight into whether or not they are really beneficial.

How to Trim Your Bird's Nails
Tips on easily and effectively trimming your pet bird's nails at home.

Should I Clip My Bird's Wings?
A discussion of reasons why owners of parrots and other pet birds sometimes choose to clip their pet's wings.

Trimming a Bird's Beak
Information on beak trimming for parrots and other birds with overgrown beaks or other beak abnormalities. Check here to learn about how beak trimming is done, how to figure out if your bird needs his beak trimmed, and more!

Bathing Your Parrot, Simply and Safely - from Parrots for Dummies
Helpful tips that will make bath time for your bird fun and stress free!

Bird Beaks: Anatomy, Care, and Diseases
A wealth of information on conditions that affect beaks, with helpful tips on proper care and preventing problems with your bird's beak.

Bird Grooming: Wing Trimming, Beak Clipping, Claw Clipping, Bathing
General information about wing trimming, beak shaping, claw clipping, bathing, and more.

How to Clip Your Bird's Wings
Great tips on effectively clipping your bird's wings.

How to Clip Your Bird's Wings
There are many benefits to clipping your pet bird's wings, related to both safety and training. If you do decide to clip your bird's wings, follow the instructions and diagram in this article to make sure that you're doing it safely and correctly.

5 Ways to Keep Up With Grooming Your Pet Bird
Grooming your pet bird properly entails more than many novice bird owners realize -- and if proper grooming isn't kept up with, your pet can run into health problems as a result. Read on to learn how to set and adhere to a simple grooming schedule for your bird that will help you keep him or her happy, healthy, and beautiful on the inside and out.

F.A.Q. on Feather Care
Feathers do much more than just give birds the ability to fly -- they protect them from the elements, as well as help them identify each other in the wild. A bird's feathers are very important to them, and as a bird owner, they should be to you as well. Check out the information in this article to discover the answers to the most frequently...

Signs that Your Bird Needs a Nail Trim
Wondering if it's time to trim your bird's nails? Nails trims can be a stressful procedure for pet birds, so it's no wonder that bird owners don't want to risk doing any unnecessary trims on their pet. Read on to learn about signs that you can look for to let you know that it's definitely time to give your bird a pedicure!

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