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Are Eggs Really Good for My Bird?


Question: Are Eggs Really Good for My Bird?
Feeding eggs to my pet bird seems sort of cannibalistic, yet many articles on avian nutrition cite eggs as a great food source for captive birds. Is this true?
Answer: Yes. Eggs, including eggshells, are a wonderful source of nutrition for pet birds. In the wild many bird species will consume unhatched eggs and eggshells as they are a vital source of protien, calcium, and minerals. It is completely natural for a bird to eat eggs, and although it may seem strange to us humans, our avian friends suffer absolutely no psychological problems as a result of it.

You can serve eggs to your bird in a variety of ways, but it's important to keep healthy preperation in mind. The healthiest way to cook eggs for your bird is to hard-boil them and then cut them up (along with the shells) into bite-sized pieces. You can also scramble the eggs and broken shells in a very light amount of pure vegetable oil -- but make sure to hold the salt and any other "human" seasonings!

Always make sure that the eggs you serve your bird have cooled to room temperature, to avoid burning your pet. Remove any uneaten egg food from your bird's cage after two hours, to prohibit the growth of nasty bacteria.

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