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Profiles and information on the care of various Conure species.

Show & Tell: My Pet Conure
Do you own a pet Conure? Whether your pet bird is a Sun Conure, a Blue Crowned Conure, or some other Conure species, this is the place to show your precious parrot off to the world! Read on to learn how to participate in this show & tell by uploading your bird's photo and story. Check out pet birds that belong to other readers and celebrate our...See submissions

Black Capped Conures
Learn all about the beautiful and intelligent Black Capped Conure in this eye-opening Black Capped Conure species profile! Is a Black Capped the right bird for you? There's only one way to find out -- research!

Blue Crown Conures
Blue Crown Conures, some of the most beautiful and friendly of the Conure species, make wonderful pets for the right owners. Look here to find out if a Blue Crown Conure could be the right bird for you!

Cherry-Headed Conures
Popularized in the hit documentary "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill", Cherry-Headed Conures have found their ways into the hearts and homes of bird lovers for many years. Read on to see if a Cherry-Headed Conure could be the right bird for you!

Golden Conures
Golden Conures are affectionate, beautiful, and intelligent, making them excellent pets -- unfortunately they are rather expensive and quite hard to find as their sale is heavily regulated both in and out of the U.S.

Green Cheek Conures
Popular as pets due to their small size, beauty, and intelligence, Green Cheek Conures have stolen many a bird lover's heart in recent years. Their curiosity, spunk, and playful nature make them interesting and entertaining pets. Read on to learn more about these spunky little parrots!

Jenday Conures
Similar to the popular Sun Conures, Jendays are smart, sweet, and beautifully eye-catching birds who delight parrot lovers of all walks. Check out this species profile to see whether or not a Jenday Conure could be the best bird for you!

Mitred Conures
Tame, hand fed Mitred Conures can make affectionate family pets when given plenty of love and attention. Playful, beautiful, and intelligent, Mitred Conures have become a favorite among bird owners everywhere. If you think a Mitred Conure might be the best bird for you, take a look at this species profile for more information!

Nanday Conures
These intelligent birds have long enjoyed immense popularity as pets. Read on to discover some interesting facts about Nanday Conures and tips for caring for them as pets.

Sun Conures
Summary of the essentials of caring for a Sun Conure. Cage requirements, training, feeding guidelines, history, and more!

White-Eyed Conures
White Eyed Conures are striking birds that make excellent pets for the right people. They are highly intelligent and curious parrots, making them eager to explore and prone to getting into trouble when left unsupervised. When properly cared for, however, White Eyed Conure owners report that they have never had a more loving or entertaining pet.

Facts About Sun Conures
Interested in learning more about Sun Conures? Read on to learn some eye-opening facts about Sun Conures, including information on their origin, temperament, lifespan, and more!

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