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Breeding Your Bird

If you are thinking about breeding your bird, there are many factors you must first consider. Raising birds requires a financial and time commitment that some pet owners simply cannot accomodate. However, if you have made the decision to breed, you will almost certainly have many questions along the way. Look here to find out how to determine the sex of your bird, what types of supplies you will need, and tips on caring for expecting hens and hatchlings.
  1. Breeding Basics (4)

My Bird Laid an Egg. Will it Hatch?
So, your bird laid an egg and you find yourself full of questions. What should you do with the egg? Why did your bird lay the egg? Will it hatch? Read on for those answers and more!

Should I Breed My Pet Bird?
Issues that pet bird owners should consider before breeding their feathered friends.

Signs of Egg Binding in Birds
Information on the most common signs and symptoms of egg binding in female birds. Problems with egg binding and how to diagnose an egg bound bird.

What is a Color Mutation?
A brief explanation of what a color mutation is, and how color mutations are bred for and labeled in the pet bird trade.

What Is Egg Binding?
An explanation of egg binding, the birds that it affects, and common signs and symptoms.

Considerations Before Breeding
Points and facts to consider before jumping into the responsibilities involved with breeding birds.

Egg Laying & Possible Problems
Information on the causes, symptoms, and treatment of Egg Binding and Egg Peritonitis, two common complications encountered by breeding hens.

New Breeder Basics
A helpful article on the basics of avian breeding.

Selecting Quality Breeding Stock
An article geared at helping beginning breeders select quality breeding pairs to improve their chances of success.

Tips For Breeders - A Guide to Getting Started
If you are a first time breeder wondering where to start, then this guide will help you on your way to breeding success! Step by step instructions on establishing a breeding pair, setting up cages and nest boxes, providing your hen a proper diet, and incubating eggs. Plus, tips on handfeeding hatchlings, and information on common illnesses and health problems.

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