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Keeping Your Bird Healthy, Happy, and Comfortable


As a bird owner, your biggest responsibility to your pet is to make sure that he stays healthy and in top condition. Hold up your end of the deal by learning all about bird nutrition, grooming and hygiene requirements, and symptoms of illness. Remember, a healthy bird is a happy bird, and you want to have both!
  1. Feeding and Nutrition
  2. Grooming and Hygiene
  3. Maintaining Good Health

Feeding and Nutrition

A healthy diet is very important to a pet bird, and variety is the spice of their lives! This section covers an array of different foods that pet birds love -- and a few that should be avoided at all costs. As they say, you are what you eat, and birds are no different. Make sure that your bird looks and feels his best by filling his dish with a fresh, nutritious, and varied diet.

Grooming and Hygiene

Keeping your bird's cage and feathers clean can help avoid illness, infections, and discomfort. Plus, all bird owners want their pets to look their best. Good grooming and hygiene practices can help make sure that your "pretty bird" is always in peak condition.

Maintaining Good Health

Knowing what's normal for your bird in terms of behavior and body condition can be extremely beneficial in diagnosing health problems. Here you will find a collection of information that will make it easier to identify illness in your pet, and will help you learn when to seek medical treatment in case your pet gets sick.

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