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Common Parasites in Birds

Parasitic Infestations in Parrots and Other Birds


Parasites can affect birds tremendously, just as they can affect other animals and people. More than just worms or mites, parasites can come in many forms. Because parasite infestations can be critical, it's important to for bird owners to familiarize themselves with the most common parasites that infect birds and the symptoms that they cause. Knowing which signs of illness to look for can help you make sure that your pet receives prompt veterinary attention.

Look below to learn about some of the most common parasite infestations and how to recognize them.
  • Aspergillosis: This parasitic fungus affects a bird's respiratory system.

  • Giardia: Giardia is a parasite that attacks the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Roundworms: Another "stomach bug," Roundworms are one of the easiest infestations to recognize.

  • Sarcocystis: Although less common than other parasites, Sarcocystis are a bird owner's worst nightmare.

  • Scaly Face Mites: Causing itchy, dry lesions, Scaly Face Mites can wreak havoc on a bird's skin and plumage.

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