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Holiday Pet Bird Treat Recipes

Homemade Pet Treat Recipes for the Holidays


These Holiday Pet Bird Treat Recipes are certainly a fun way to help your pet bird celebrate the season, but they are actually packed with healthy vitamins that make them so nutritious that they are fine to make for pet birds any time of year.

If you like having fun in the kitchen, then you're going to love making these healthy and delicious holiday treats for your pet bird! Try the recipes below on for size and see for yourself how making homemade pet bird treats can help you boost your bird's nutrition, save money, and show your bird how much they mean to you!

Holiday Fruit Cake Recipe for Pet Birds

Fruitcakes can be hit or miss among humans, with some eating every last crumb while others turn up their nose -- however, his fun and easy fruitcake recipe for pet birds never fails to delight even the pickiest parrots. Try this recipe in your own kitchen and treat your bird to the traditional tastes of the holiday season!

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkins are associated with the fall, but the big orange melons are actually abundant throughout the winter and can be used for a variety of holiday recipes -- pumpkin pies, pumpkin breads, pumpkin pastas, and of course, toasted pumpkin seeds! Try out this fun toasted pumpkin seeds recipe for pet birds to give your bird a healthy snack that will delight his or her tastebuds throughout the season!

Cranberry and Popcorn Bird Treat Recipe

If you are looking for a bird treat recipe that's a hit with pet birds and packed with vitamins to boot, then you don't want to pass up on this Cranberry and Popcorn bird treat recipe! Reminiscent of the holiday decorations of yesteryear, these tasty snacks not only look good to birds -- you may be tempted to try one yourself! 

Share Your Favorite Bird Treat Recipe!

Homemade bird treat recipes can be a lot of fun to make, so why not share your kitchen secrets with other bird lovers? Submit your favorite bird treat recipe here and then take a look at what other readers are whipping up for their birds in their own kitchens. You may stumble across a new dish that your bird will love!
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