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Bird Clubs, Societies, and Organizations

Birds of a feather flock together, and bird people are no different. Check the information here to find out about some of the different bird clubs, societies, and associations, and learn what they do.

The Exotic Bird Fair
A description of common activities that take place at exotic bird fairs, things that visitors can expect, and advantages of attending.

What are Bird Clubs and Aviculture Societies?
An introduction to Bird Clubs and Aviculture Societies.

Bird Clubs of America
Bird Clubs of America is an alliance of bird clubs dedicated to working together to improve aviculture. A wonderful resource for the bird activist.

National Cage Bird Show
Information on the yearly National Cage Bird Show, which is open to all breeds. A fun activity to do with your pet!

National Cockatiel Society
A society open to those who own Cockatiels.

National Finch & Softbill Society
A society whose membership is open to owners of Finches and other Softbills.

Pet Bird Clubs & Associations
A handy index of national and regional pet bird clubs, with some breed specific organizations included.

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