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Bird Cages and Cage Accessories

A bird's home is his castle - and your pet deserves the very best. Here you will find information that will help you select a home for your bird that will fit all your needs. You can also find helpful cage cleaning tips, advice on choosing the proper toys and cage accessories for your bird, and answers to common questions about cage maintenence.

Cage Cleaning Tips from Real Bird Owners - Share Your Bird Ca…
Bird cage cleaning tips from real bird owners just like you. Clean your parrot's cage the easy way using these tips and tricks from experienced owners, and share your own cage cleaning tips for other readers to try!

Do You Cover Your Bird's Cage at Night - Covering Bird Cages at Night
Wondering whether or not you should cover your pet bird's cage at night? Check here to read answers from real bird owners like you, and contribute your own knowledge and experience to the article!

Are Round Cages Really Bad for Birds?
A discussion on keeping birds in round cages and the effects it can have on a pet's psychological health.

Bird Carriers and Travel Cages
Need a bird carrier or travel cage for your pet bird? If you are planning on hitting the road with your feathered friend, check here first to learn the pros and cons of some of the most popular bird travel carriers on the market.

Choosing a Bird Cage - Rules to Remember
What kind of cage is best for your bird? How large does the cage have to be? Where should the cage be located? Find the answers to these questions and more as you learn the rules of choosing the best cage for your pet bird!

Cleaning Your Bird's Cage
Tips on setting a proper cleaning schedule for your pet bird's cage, and advice about techniques that will make cleaning your bird's cage much easier. These easy instructions will have you on the road to a sparkling clean bird cage in no time!

Easy Homemade Bird Cage Cleaner
Recipe for an effective, safe bird cage cleaner that you can mix at home! Harsh chemicals can be very toxic to pet birds -- switching to an easy, homemade cleaner can help you prevent your bird from becoming sick. Try this simple, economical solution that will help you keep your bird's cage a clean and healthy environment.

Paco and Friends Kageliner™
A full review of Kageliner™, a product for bird cages and other small animal habitats by Paco and Friends LLC.

Sand and Concrete Bird Perches
Advice on the use of concrete perches and sand perch covers for parrots and other pet birds.

Should a Bird's Cage be Covered at Night?
An article discussing why some bird owners opt to cover their bird's cages at night, whether or not it is necessary, and the importance of sleep to parrots and other birds.

The Truth About Mite Protectors
A quick tip on the use of store bought mite protectors for pet birds.

Top 5 Cage Accessories to Avoid
A list of the top 5 dangerous bird cage accessories and an explanation of the threats they could pose to your pet.

What is a Cuttlebone?
A dicussion on the cuttlebone and how it is used with parrots and other pet birds.

Housing Your Bird
Additional imformation on bird cages and housing. Includes helpful breed-specific minimum cage size requirements!

Selecting a Perch for Your Bird: Excerpt from "Birds for Dummies"
Tips on choosing the best perches for your feathered friend.

The Best Toys for Your Bird
Information that will help you learn which toys are safe for your pet bird.

How to Make a Cardboard Bird Ladder
Learn how to make a fun disposable ladder for your pet bird to play with and climb on using only cardboard and scissors! A fun project for you and your pet that has many hidden benefits -- read on to learn more!

Buying a Used Bird Cage
Thinking of buying a used bird cage? Used cages can be a great deal budget-wise, but sometimes they aren't necessarily worth the money. Read on to learn what you should look for in a used bird cage, where to find one, and what you should do to make sure that the cage you choose will be a safe and comfortable home for your bird.

Before You Build Your Own Bird Cage...
It can seem like a fun and cost effective way to acquire housing for your pet bird, but building your own bird cage has definite drawbacks that can put the health and safety you both you and your feathered friend at risk. Consider these potential hazards before deciding to go to the time and effort of building a homemade cage for your pet bird.

Why You Should Keep Your Bird Inside
It may seem like a good idea to let pet birds spend some time outside -- but there are many factors to consider before doing so. Take a look at this article to learn what you should think about before moving your bird outdoors.

Is One Birdcage Enough?
Wondering about housing for your feathered friend? Learn about whether or not one birdcage is enough in this article.

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