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A Guide to Bird Training and Behavior


Training is an essential part of forming a lasting relationship with your pet bird. Not only are trained birds more fun and easier to live with, the time that you spend during training can be very rewarding in terms of helping you strengthen your bond with your feathered friend.
  1. Training Essentials
  2. Bird Behaviors
  3. Trick Training

Training Essentials

Teaching a bird to accept handling is the first and most crucial step toward a successful training experience. The problem is, training a bird can be quite intimidating for owners with little experience. The following information will help beginners learn how to handle their birds, and how to use handling and socialization as a foundation for further training.

Bird Behaviors

Sometimes birds can act pretty strangely -- but much of their odd behvaior can be explained by their natural instincts. No matter whether the issue is head bobbing or reguritation, you can look here learn all about some baffling bird behaviors that commonly leave new bird owners shaking their heads in confusion.

Trick Training

Training a bird can be a lot of fun, but the best tricks aren't just cute, they're useful too! With love and practice, it's fairly easy to teach a bird to follow several different commands. Here you will find easy step by step instructions on how to teach your bird to perform a few of the most popular and functional tricks.

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