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Behavior and Training

Birds are complex creatures that sometimes behave in ways that are difficult for us to understand. While some quirky behaviors are normal and acceptable, owners need to know the proper ways to manage undesirable behaviors such as biting, chewing, and screaming. Here you will find some helpful hints about basic training and correcting bad behavior, plus tips on encouraging talking and cute tricks you can teach your bird that are sure to make him the life of the party!
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Top Trainable Bird Species
Interested in learning more about the types of birds that are easiest to train? Look no further -- read on for a list of the top trainable bird species!

Can a Bird Be Gender Biased?
A short explanation of the way that some birds seem to prefer people of one gender over another.

Regurgitation in Pet Birds
A guide to vomiting and regurgitation in pet birds.

What is Eye Pinning?
A description of the eye pinning or eye flashing behavior in parrots, as well as the causes and interpretations.

Why Do Birds Pluck Their Feathers?
Is your bird plucking its feathers? Feather plucking can be a sign of several different problems in your pet. Read on to learn more about what feather plucking means, and what to do if it happens to your bird.

Why Does My Bird Bite Me So Much?
Reasons why some pet birds seem to bite more often than others, along with the definition of a true "bite".

Why Does My Bird Hang Upside Down?
Why does your bird hang upside down from his perch? The answer may surprise you!

Biting: Causes and Solutions
An article that will help you convince your pet bird that biting is bad.

Discouraging Breeding Behavior in Pet Birds
Not all bird owners want to be bird breeders. Look here for helpul tips on putting a halt to any mating behaviors your bird displays.

Understanding Bird Behavior
An informative article full of tips on understanding why your bird behaves the way she does and training techniques that every bird owner should practice.

Caution - The Parrot Bites!
When many people see a pet parrot, the first thing they say is "Does it bite?" If you are interested in owning a parrot or any other type of pet bird, then look here to find out what the answer to the inevitable biting question should always be.

The Worst Bird Bite Ever - Stories About Bad Parrot Bites
If you own a pet parrot, then chances are great that you've been through more than a few bites. Look here to share your story of the worst bird bite you've endured so far, and check out the photos and stories that other parrot owners have shared. See submissions See submissions

Definition of "Variable Reinforcement"
Definition of the term "variable reinforcement" as it pertains to training parrots and other pet birds.

Signs of Hormonal Behavior in Parrots
Has your pet bird been acting strangely? If so, it could be due to hormonal behaviors taking hold. If you suspect that a drastic change in the way your bird is acting is due to hormones rather than a medical problem, then check out this article to learn more about the signs that your bird is just going through the motions of a typical mating...

5 Bird Training Mistakes to Avoid
Bird training can be challenging enough without inadvertently doing things that can hinder your progress. Make sure that you're getting the most out of your training sessions with your bird by checking out these 5 common bird training mistakes. Eliminating these detrimental practices can make your training sessions go more smoothly, and can...

Top 5 Pet Bird Behavior Problems
If you're thinking about adopting a pet bird, then you'd better be thinking about how you will handle your new pet's behavior and training as you integrate your feathered friend into his or her new home. Read on to learn about the top 5 behavior problems that bird owners report in their pets, what you can do to fix them, and tips on how to most...

Choosing Your Parrot's Vocabulary: Things to Keep in Mind
Teaching your bird to talk? If so, you'll need to make sure that you are teaching him or her words and phrases that won't come back to haunt you! Check out this article on choosing your parrot's vocabulary to learn how to easily tailor your bird's vocabulary to your own personal standards with just a little bit of practice and effort.

Best Bird Training Videos
Looking for help training your pet bird? Check out this list of the best free bird training videos available online!

How Can I Change My Bird's Name?
Do you regret the name that your gave your pet bird? If you'd like to change your feathered friend's name, then read on to discover how to do so using just a few simple training techniques! With practice, your bird should respond to his or her new name in no time!

How Do I Teach My Bird Its Name?
Learn how to teach your new pet bird his or her name using just a few simple steps.

Introducing Birds to Dogs
If you have a dog and you want a pet bird, then you won't want to miss these tips on how to properly introduce your pets!

How to Make Your Bird More Friendly
Wish your bird was a bit more friendly? If so, take a look at these training tips to help you build your relationship with your feathered friend!

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