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Decide Which Type of Bird is the Best for You


If you are thinking about adding a pet bird to your family, then you've come to the right place. Here, you can learn about what it's like to live with a bird, the sort of expenses that bird owners can expect, the types of parrots and other birds that would be a good match for you, and much more! Prepare to dive head first into the exciting world of bird ownership with this step by step guide to choosing the perfect pet.
  1. Before You Buy
  2. Selecting Your Pet
  3. Bringing a Bird Home

Before You Buy

Before rushing out to buy a bird, it's best to think long and hard about the commitment you are about to make. Birds can be a joy to live with, but they do live for a long time, and require a lot of attention. They can also be expensive to care for, and can be too loud or messy for some people's tastes. The following information will introduce you to what it's like to live with a bird -- the good, bad, and ugly. Use it to help you decide if you really do want to bring a bird into your family, rather than making the grave mistake of buying one on impulse.

Selecting Your Pet

Choosing the best bird does not mean buying the most colorful one or the best talker. Your selection should be based on a variety of factors, with choosing the bird that is the best fit for your personality and lifestyle as your top priority. Use the information found here to research different types of pet birds, take a glimpse at what it's like to live with and care for them, and find the ones that are most compatible with your family.

Bringing a Bird Home

Once you've chosen your feathered friend, you will need to make sure that you are prepared to bring him or her home. You will need several things -- a cage, toys, and a good avian vet, to name a few. This section will go over the essentials of housing your new pet, and keeping him healthy, happy, and comfortable.

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