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What You Need to Care for a Pet Bird

Pet Bird Care Supplies


Planning on adopting a new pet bird? If you are, and this is your first bird, then odds are that you don't have the necessary supplies on hand to care for your new pet. Before bringing your new feathered friend home, it's important that you assemble everything that you'll need to properly care for your pet in advance. That way, you'll be able to make your bird's transition into your home go as smoothly as possible, without having to worry about leaving the bird alone while you run out to get supplies. Use the checklist below to make sure that you've got all of the key ingredients to caring for your bird on hand before you bring your pet home. Doing so will make your bird's arrival much more comfortable for everyone involved.

Have a proper bird cage.

Some new bird owners may think that they can worry about getting a bird cage the day that they bring their bird home, but waiting until the last minute is not a very good idea at all. For one thing, it is helpful to have a cage already set up for your bird when you get him or her home, so that you can place the animal directly in its new home to become acclimated. Keeping your bird in a carrier for a prolonged amount of time while you fumble with cage assembly and location can put additional stress on what is already likely to be a rather upset creature -- moving to a new home is a very big deal, and having your bird's new cage set up and ready to go can help ease the trauma of the transition for your pet by giving it a safe refuge.

Have a variety of food handy.

Having an array of tasty foods and bird treats on hand can be a good idea for when you bring your bird home. When stressed, birds can decide that they don't want to eat as much as they normally would, which can lead to health concerns. Having a variety of different foods on hand to offer your new pet will increase the chances that there will be a treat that your bird just can't say "no" to, helping to make sure that your bird's calorie intake doesn't suffer due to the stress of his or her move.

Provide plenty of toys.

Go shopping for bird toys several days before you bring your pet home, and arrange them in your bird's new cage. Having some shiny new toys to play with can comfort a stressed bird, and offer them much needed mental stimulation that will help make their transition into your home an easier process.

Assemble a bird first aid kit.

Accidents can happen at any time, including the first day you bring your bird home. Having a bird first aid kit on hand from day one is imperative to making sure that you can provide the best quality care for your pet in the unfortunate event of an emergency. If you aren't familiar with where to acquire a bird first aid kit, you can learn how to make your own bird first aid kit at home.

Allow plenty of time for your bird to adjust.

It may seem like an odd thing to list here, but one of the most important things to have for your bird's arrival at your home is time to spend socializing and reassuring your new pet. You should start forming a bond with your new bird as soon as he or she comes home in order to help your pet transition into living in your home. Birds are extremely social creatures who crave and thrive on companionship -- doing things to make your bird feel comfortable in your home will greatly reduce the amount of stress that the transition puts on your new pet, and will set you up for a great life-long relationship with your feathered friend.
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