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Pet Bird Price List

Average Price Ranges for Common Pet Bird Species


Pet Bird Price List

Low cost and small size, coupled with the Budgie's beauty and intelligence, have helped make this species one of the most popular pet birds.

Those interested in bird ownership will at one point wonder to themselves how much they can expect to pay for a bird of their favorite species. If this is you, then have a look at this list of average price ranges for common pet birds.

Depending on the breeder, availability, and your location, the cost of your bird may fluctuate outside the given ranges. Use these prices only as a guide to help you plan and budget for your new feathered addition. All prices are listed in US dollars.

Small Birds

Budgerigars (Parakeets): $10 - $25

Canaries: $25 - $150

Finches: $10 - $100

Lovebirds: $75 - $200

Parrotlets: $100 - $300

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