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Large Birds and Parrots - Pet Birds - About.com
Profiles and information on the most popular large bird and parrot species kept as pets.
Large Parrots as Pets - Pet Birds - About.com
Explore the information on the popular large parrot species below to see if you have what it takes to live with and care for a large pet parrot. Adopting any pet ...
Different Kinds of Large Birds - Pet Birds - About.com
Interested in learning about different types of large birds? Read on for profiles and information on some of the most well-known large bird species.
Top Friendly Bird Species That Make Great Pets
If you prefer large birds but still want a pet that will be friendly, loving, and affectionate, then most bird owners will tell you that a Cockatoo may be your best bet.
Top 5 Popular Large Parrots - Pet Birds - About.com
Interested in learning more about the most popular large pet parrot species? If so, read on to discover which types of large birds make the best pets, how to tell if ...
Bird Species Profiles (Information Directory) - Pet Birds - About.com
Can you handle a large, robust macaw, or is a canary or parakeet more your size ? Look here for information and species profiles on the most popular pet birds.
Top 5 Companion Bird Species - Pet Birds - About.com
These hardy little jewels come in an array of beautiful colors, and require less space and maintenance than larger bird species. They are quite intelligent in spite ...
Large Parrots That Can Talk - Pet Birds - About.com
Interesting in learning about large parrot species that have the ability to learn to talk? Look no further -- read on for descriptions and profiles on some of the most  ...
Bird Identification: Common Blue Parrot Species
Many types of birds from around the world, parrots included, have blue feathers. ... before adopting a Blue and Gold Macaw, or any large parrot species. Ads.
Cockatoos as Pets - Species Profiles - Pet Birds - About.com
Smaller than most other Cockatoo Species, Bare-Eyed Cockatoos are a great choice for bird owners that want the personality of a larger parrot, but don't have ...
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