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If you're interested in learning more about Indian Ringneck Parakeets, then you're in luck -- my new article on Facts About Indian Ringneck Parakeets is full of neat information that is sure to satisfy your craving for information on these spectacularly beautiful and popular birds.

Full of insight on Indian Ringneck color mutations, discussion on the talking ability of the species, and history of how they came to be prized as pets, this fun article might just get you thinking that a Ringneck might be a good addition to your flock. (I wouldn't blame you -- I've enjoyed having my own Ringneck, Oliver, since 2006!)

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February 1, 2013 at 11:11 am
(1) Judy says:

I have a serious question I need answered about my ringneck parrot/parakeet. I got a pair I named Lemon and Lime due to their coloring. The female had her chest feathers almost bald on her chest and was told the male pecked them to try to mate with her. BUT after having them for awhile I’ve seen that SHE is the one pecking them off. WHY? She won’t mate with Lime and she screechs at him alot. She gets very loud and crabby when he comes around. He tries to be nice to her and he’ll gently nuzzle her and she’ll let him. But then that’s only seldom. Then she screeches and picks at herself. Why is Lemon doing this to herself? Should I separate them? But they’ve been together for several years before I got them. What do i do? Can some acknowledge this email and tell me. Sincerely, judyhurt4@yahoo.com

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